University Committee on Tenure and Promotions
2000-2001 Annual Report

The UCTP reviewed and made recommendations on requests for promotion or tenure from 56 faculty members. There were 51 requests for promotion and 27 requests for tenure.

The UCTP approved revised Tenure and Promotion Criteria and Procedures documents from the following Units:

College of Social Work
Department of Clinical Legal Studies, School of Law
Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education
Department of Legal Studies, School of Law
University Libraries

Minor changes were approved in the Tenure and Promotion Criteria and Procedures for the College of Nursing and the Department of Germanic, Slavic, and East Asian Languages and Literature, College of Liberal Arts.

Revisions to the Tenure and Promotion Criteria and Procedures for three departments are pending:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering and Information Technology
Department of Management Science, School of Business Administration
Law Library, School of Law

Professor Chaden Djalali, Department of Physics and Astronomy, was elected Chair of UCTP for 2001-2002.

In collaboration with the Faculty Advisory Committee and the Faculty Welfare Committee, the UCTP nominated ten candidates for consideration by the faculty. The following persons were elected by the faculty to the UCTP for a three-year term, beginning August 2001:

Dr. Yuh J. (Bill) Chao, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Jeremiah M. Hackett, Department of Philosophy
Dr. Ralph W. Mathisen, Department of History
Dr. Dorothy K. Payne, School of Music
Dr. Marcia G. Synnott, Department of History

The following three members were appointed by the President:

Dr. Geoffrey P. Alpert, College of Criminal Justice
Dr. Jerrold R. Griggs, Department of Mathematics
Dr. David G. Owen, School of Law

Respectfully submitted,

John W. Baynes, Chair 2000-2001

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