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The Poetry Initiative would like to thank all of you that entered the 2011 Single Poem Contest and South Carolina Book Contest, and those of you who were able to join us for the awards ceremonies. We appreciate your support and look forward to your continued support and contributions in the future. Below are the results for the book contest and the single poem contest as well as the top 20 overall poems from the contest.


Hold like Owls by Julia Koets Winner
Blue China by Laurel Blossom Finalist One
The House of Mirrors by Hastings Hansel Finalist Two


“In Medias Res” by Ken Autrey 1st Place 400.00
“Laundress, 1960” by Debra Daniels 2nd Place 300.00
“Parable of the Ladder” by Brian Slusher 3rd Place 200.00
“Laundress, 1960” by Debra Daniels People's Choice 100.00

Top 20 Poems from the Single Poem Contest

  • 1. In Medias Res/ Ken Autrey
  • 2. Laundress, 1960/ Debra Daniels
  • 3. Parable of the Ladder/ Brian Slusher
  • 4. Breaking Commandments/ Terresa Haskew
  • 5. I Cannot Tell a Lie/ Brian Slusher
  • 6. Instructions for Kayaking/ Randy Spencer
  • 7. Navistar/ Dawnn Chandler
  • 8. After Stepdad Died/ Karen Peluso
  • 9. Morning, washing the pan/ Susan Craig
  • 10. tebe/ Kristine Hartvigsen
  • 11. Connotations of Oven/ Terri McCord
  • 12. Boundaries/ Randy Spencer
  • 13. Miscarriage Poem #1/ Nichole Gause
  • 14. French Impressions/ Lucinda Shirley
  • 15. Tuesday's Children/ Gerald J. Hooker
  • 16. North Bound/ Mark W. Meehan
  • 17. Psyched/ Pamela Stuyck
  • 18. Today I slept/ Dawnn Chandler
  • 19. For Becky/ Pamela Stuyck
  • 20. The Mirror/ Gerald J. Hooker
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