Conference Questionnaire

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Since our initiative is an experimental program that is being watched by many universities and colleges around the country we would like to ask you fill out the below questionnaire upon your completion of the conference/workshop to gauge how helpful it was to you.  You may copy this questionnaire into an email message and email the completed questionnaire to: or print this form out and fax it to Gayle Crutchlow at (803) 777-5715.  In addition we may contact you at a later date to see whether you have continued to be impacted by the conference/workshop you attended.

1.  Do you feel you would be able to incorporate any of material from the conference/workshop into any coursework you are working on?  If so, please elaborate below.

2.  Were you impacted personally by any information you received at the conference?  If so, please elaborate below.

3.  Was the conference/workshop worthwhile to attend and would you recomend attendance by others interested in sustainability issues?

4.  What, if any, were the drawbacks of the conference/workshop?