Taking Care if the Environment Surrounding Us

by Jill Lee

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Recycling is an important project everyone should be part of.  If we do not recycle many landfills where we put garbage will be filled up faster and we will use more of our natural resources to make the products we could have made from recycled material.

 My entire life people have been standing over my shoulder making sure I am recycling everything possible.  In high school we had huge recycling bins all over the entire school.  Down every hall there was a regular garbage can, a garbage can for pop cans, and a bin for paper products and glass bottles.  It was important to everyone that garbage was disposed of in the proper places.  First of all we have all been taught that this was the appropriate thing to do and secondly out of common courtesy.  We knew that our janitors would take the time to move cans and glass bottles from the wrong trash bins to the correct ones.

 I was a little surprised and disappointed with the recycling bins placed in my dorm, Patterson.  There are three huge garbage cans and one tiny recycling bin.  The bin is only large enough to hold about six cans or bottles.  It does not promote recycling very well, not to mention that it is usually filled with new garbage bags used to replace the bags in the large garbage cans.  So even if you want to recycle something there is no room.

 The book “Great Expectations” taught me to love the environment more.  The characters in this book took great pride in caring for the gardens and the land around the house.  The hired boy would work on the land a lot and it became like his home also.  He and the people who lived in this house cared about the land and its appearance.  They loved to go back there after they were grown and walk around.

 I believe everyone should take time to appreciate the environment around him or her and find the beauty in it.  It is also everyone’s job to pitch in and take care of our environment to keep it beautiful.  So that, like the book, we enjoy walking through areas and taking in the wonders of everything.

 I believe that it is important to put more and larger recycling bins in the dorms.  We are taking advantage of the resources we have, and they are not going to be around forever.  This is why it is important that everyone does their own share and is given more opportunities to recycle.  We want to keep our environment as beautiful and resourceful as possible.

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