CR-CISI has state-of-the-art computation, visualization and educational facilities for environmental studies, biological, biomedical and energy research, undergraduate and graduate education and teacher training. Several research computational clusters are hosted and supported by CCR-CIS and the Research Computing Center (RCC) all located at USC. This includes the ACM-CHEM, Plank, Pople clusters.

High Performance Computing

CR-CISI hosts a variety of High Performance(HPC) systems with different architecture that enable large scale simulations to be performed in a very short period of time.


Scientific Visualization

CR-CISI hosts computing resources facilitating advanced scientific visualization. These resources include systems with high performance graphics hardware, remote visualization cababilities, and large displays.


CR-CISI maintains a networking which allows for communication withing the computing infrastructure as well as accessing the HPC resources.


CR-CISI maintains a collection of software and tools needed for using the advanced computing, data, and visualization resources.