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The first step in earning Graduation with Leadership Distinction is to complete the GLD Orientation through Blackboard. 

Getting started with GLD:

  1. Watch orientation video at the right
  2. Take the quiz
  3. Set up your GLD record/application
  4. Make an appointment to talk with a GLD advisor to ensure you are on track and answer any questions you might have.
  5. Fill in experiences in your application the semester you have them (don’t wait until the year you are graduating—we will verify your experiences as you complete them).
  6. Save papers, pictures, PowerPoints, and videos that you create as part of a class or in your beyond the classroom experiences.  You will need examples of your work for your e-portfolio!
  7. Keep notes and reflections on your experiences—these notes will be helpful to you when you look back at all you have done in your senior year.

Helpful Links: