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Carolina Food Co.

A group USC students enjoy a casual meal on-campus.

Meal Plans

Our affordable meal plans, which are available in various sizes, are designed to meet the dining needs of different groups of students as well as individual students. Meal plans are mandatory for all first-year students who are living on campus. 

Find a Plan

Your meal plan will include a specific number of meal swipes you can use to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night meals on-campus. To your meal plan, which is purchased per semester, you can add meal plan dollars (MPD) for use at all campus dining locations for meals, snacks and meal swipe overages. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Are freshemen required to have a meal plan?
Yes, Freshsmen are required to have a meal plan. Your are assigned the Carolina 10 (no Meal Plan Dollars) to start with, but you are able to upgrade to any of our weekly plans.
Does my meal plan roll over to the next semester?
No, your meal plan does not rollover to the next semester. You will need to sign up for your meal plan each semster.
What are Meal Plan Dollars?

Meal Plan Dollars are loaded on your Carolina Card along with the meal plan that you selected. Those dollars can be used for snacks and small items that you would not want to use a whole swipe for.