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International Student Services

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USC's International Education Week (Nov. 13-17, 2017) is a packed week of events celebrating all the ways USC students, faculty, and staff are involved in international exchange worldwide. You'll find more information about how to get involved and event details below. 


NOV 6 - Carolina Intercultural Training for Grad Students

Monday, 12-1:15pm
Close Hipp 650A
For: Graduate Students
Join with us in promoting a deeper understanding of UofSC’s diverse populations. This training for students focuses on understanding cross-cultural communication styles and exploring strategies for increasing intercultural competence. You’ll learn about the global diversity at UofSC, models of cultural dimensions, and activities to help navigate between cultural differences both in a work and classroom setting. Registration is open now.
Hosted by: International Student Services

NOV 13 - International Bazaar on Greene Street

International Bazaar on Greene Street
Monday, 11-2pm
Greene Street 
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
Celebrate cultures from around the world with dancing, music, food, and creative displays all by walking down Greene Street by the Russell House! International student organizations are welcome to host a table display. Register by Nov. 7 to have a table using the online registration form

NOV 13 - Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World, Film Screening and Discussion

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World
Film Screening and Discussion
Monday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Columbia Museum of Art
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
The Columbia World Affairs Council and the Carolina Peace Resource Center are hosting a free film screening of Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World (2011) at the Columbia Museum of Art on Monday, November 13 at 6:30 p.m. The documentary, directed by Rob Gardner, is a view of Islamic art themes across nine countries and 1,400 years of history. The event will consist of the movie screening followed by a discussion and Q&A. The film is 90 minutes. Additionally, Steven Naifeh, artist and best selling co-author of definitive biography on Vincent Van Gogh, will speak. Naifeh's work is deeply informed by geometry from Islamic Art traditions and has pieces in the CMA's permanent collection. RSVP on the Facebook event. 

NOV 14 -  CTE Workshop for Faculty 

Meeting the Needs of International Students in the Classroom
Tuesday, 2:50 – 4:05pm
CTE: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5
For: Faculty and Staff
Tips for assisting non-native speakers in the classroom with Dr. Sherry Warren and Ms. Renata Bobakova.
Do you wish you knew how to meet the needs of the international students in your classes without diminishing the experience of your domestic students? The international student population is rapidly increasing at USC, and with this increase comes some notable benefits to our university, our domestic students, and the overall classroom climate. These students typically have very strong motivation to succeed but very specific challenges that make classroom content more difficult to access and professor expectations more difficult to understand and meet.
In this workshop, you will learn about the difficulties that international students typically experience and tips on how to facilitate their learning. Participants will develop a plan for making their course content more accessible to international students while also enhancing learning for their domestic students. Sign up to reserve your seat. 

NOV 14 - Fulbright: Engaging with the World, Panel Discussion and Reception

Panel Discussion and Reception
Tuesday, 2:30-4:30pm
Gressette Room in Harper College
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
Come hear from a panel of Fulbright Scholarship recipients as they share their experience and how to apply for the Fulbright to teach, research, or study abroad. Light refreshments to follow. Special Guest and Moderator, USC President Harris Pastides.

Hosted by: Office of the Provost, International Support for Faculty and Staff, Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs, International Student Services

NOV 14 - CineCola Film Screening and Discussion

CineCola Film Screening: Examen d’État / National Diploma (2014)
Tuesday, 7pm
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
CineCola is hosting a screening of Examen d’État (2014), a documentary about the role of education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Director Dieudo Hamadi follows a group of students as they prepare for the national exam.  This screening is a part of the annual Tournees Film Festival in Columbia, SC, from October 2017 to December 2017. The film is 92 minutes. Free & open to the public.
Hosted by: CineCola, Global Carolina

NOV 15 -  International Accelerator Program Information Session

International Accelerator Program Information Session
Wednesday, 12-1pm
For: Faculty and Staff
Have you heard about the International Accelerator Program or the “IAP”? Have you met any international students who call themselves “IAP students”? We invite you to come and learn more about this new program on campus, why we are here, what we do for international students, who we are and who our students are. USC Faculty and staff are invited to attend.

Hosted by: International Accelerator Program

NOV 15 - CTE Workshop for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Academic Classroom Culture in the U.S.: a Roundtable Discussion with Experienced International Teaching Assistants
Wednesday, 3:55 – 5:10 pm
CTE: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5
For: International Teaching Assistants
Tips for the ITA in the American classroom setting, with Dr. Michelle Hardee and Ms. Terry Goodfellow
Are USC undergraduate student attitudes, priorities and behaviors different from what you are accustomed?  International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) must learn to interpret and handle our students' actions appropriately, but seldom have the opportunity for this learning before stepping into the classroom. This workshop and panel discussion is designed to provide graduate students with the chance to discuss some of the difficulties they might have encountered in American academic culture.
This is not a lecture – each workshop participant will identify peculiar aspects of American academic life that s/he has encountered, discuss similarities and differences in ideas, beliefs, or expectations with other participants, and develop a deeper understanding of the role culture plays in academic behavior.  Discussions will be facilitated by a panel of experienced and successful ITAs and faculty members. Register to save your seat.   

NOV 15 - International Potluck

International Potluck
Wednesday, 6-8pm
Golden Spurs Gameroom (RH basement)
For: Students
Ever wondered what food from another country tastes like but don’t have the money to travel?  No problem- the international potluck will feature food from around the world.  Bring food that you think represents your country or a favorite dish that your mom makes back home.  RSVP and sign up to bring something by November 13th.  Can’t wait to see what different cultures are represented at USC and to taste amazing food from around the world!!!        

Hosted by: Study Abroad Association, International Student Association, International Student Services

NOV 16 - Global Advocacy Fair

Global Advocacy Fair
Thursday, 1-3pm
Hamilton College Lobby
For: Students, Faculty, and Staff
The Global Advocacy Fair is a research fair, hosting students, faculty, and staff engaged in community service, service-learning, and community-based research abroad.  All presenters will share their research in efforts to build global capacity, infrastructure, and inclusion opportunities; global citizenship; the challenges faced by international communities; and opportunities to connect with global efforts here at USC.
Anyone interested in presenting at the fair should contact event organizer, Sudie Nallo at, to reserve a space

Hosted by: College of Social Work, International Student Services

NOV 16 - Carolina Productions Foreign Film Night

Foreign Film Night: Bride and Prejudice
Thursday, 6pm-9pm
Russell House Theater
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
All are invited for a night of celebrating cultures. Carolina Productions is screening the film Bride and Prejudice (2004) and a discussion on Indian culture will follow. The film Bride and Prejudice, Bollywood's take on Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice, is a story in which the matriarch of an Indian family is eager to find suitable husbands for her four unmarried daughters. The film is 111 minutes. Bring your friends and your Carolina Card!

Hosted by: Carolina Productions, Global Carolina

NOV 17 - Annual IEW World Cup

Friday, 3-6pm
Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center, Intramural Fields 1 & 2
World teams will compete in a soccer tournament for the 2017 World Cup title at USC. Teams or individuals are invited to register now. Students can create a team for a country or region of the world and individuals can join a team to compete.  Registration is open through Nov. 15 at 10am! See instructions for how to create an IMleagues account.
Hosted by: Intramurals Sports Office, English Programs for Internationals, Study Abroad Office, International Accelerated Program, and International Student Services

NOV 17 - Global Trumpism Lecture

Global Trumpism Lecture
Friday, 3:30pm
Gambrell 250
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members
Six months before the election of President Donald Trump, Mark Blyth predicted the result. He did so by placing Trump’s election in global context that tracked the evolution of the global growth regime over the prior 30 years. But since Trump’s election many of the factors that supposedly drove his election have diminished in importance. In Europe in particular the rise of “Global Trumpism" seems to have been halted. But is that really the case? Blyth gives a stress test to his theory one year on and argues that the Era of Global Trumpism is far from over. Mark Blyth is an Eastman Professor of Political Economy at Brown University.

Hosted by: The Walker Institute for International and Area Studies and the Department of Political Science Research Workshop