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Student Response Systems

i>Clicker and REEF

Student response systems allow you to take attendance, and poll students in real time with questions projected in your classroom. You can track answers, automatically add scores to your Blackboard Grade Center, and even allow your students to review in-class questions for study. Students can use either a purchased i>clicker (available from USC Bookstore) or the mobile app, REEF Polling, on their smart phone to respond to your questions.

UTS support for i>clicker/REEF systems is confined to providing university-specific software for the i>clicker system.


  • Instructor interface works on Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Integrates with PowerPoint via a floating toolbar
  • Polling captures real time student responses and displays them
  • Students register their device online for your class; view participant lists
  • Student devices display correct/incorrect answers; can be reviewed later
  • Transfer student scores to your Blackboard Grade Center


  • For iClicker:
    • Computer with Windows or Mac operating system and USB port
    • Instructor base unit and remote (available from i>clicker)
    • i>clicker Software (available from UTS – see below)
    • Students purchase or rent the i>clicker remote from the USC Bookstore
  • For REEF:
    • Computer with Windows or Mac operating system
    • Connection to the Internet
    • REEF Polling instructor software application                                                
    • Students need a computer or mobile device with internet access and must purchase the REEF app and purchase an access code from the university bookstore.


  • For i>clicker:
    1. Visit the i>clicker website for more information.
    2. Order an instructor kit – base unit and remote – from i>clicker.
    3. Download the USC-specific i>clicker software (see below) or contact the UTS Service Desk.
    4. Download support
    5. Sign up for a training
    6. Inform your students they will need to either purchase or rent an i>clicker from the university bookstore for your course.
  • For REEF:
    1. Download the REEF Polling instructor software.
    2. Download support
    3. Start the application and create an account and link the course
    4. Sign up for a training
    5. Inform your students they will need to purchase a REEF subscription, create an account, and download the REEF Polling app onto a smart device or access it through the browser.



  • University Technology Services offers limited support for i>clicker/REEF systems. You must request the i>clicker software from University Technology Services (see links below). All other support issues should be directed to i>clicker/REEF Support at:
  • UTS Service Desk
  • i>clicker Support
  • REEF Support

i>clicker Software

  • To download the current USC i>clicker software, click on the link below that matches your computer’s operating system:
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • WinMac: The WinMac version is for faculty who use both Windows and Mac. It contains the executable files for both Windows and Mac i>clicker. It must be downloaded and extracted and moved to a USB drive using a Macintosh computer, but thereafter is accessible by Mac and PC. This allows faculty to have one i>clicker folder and one i>clicker class data location for multi-platform use.

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