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Explore Carolina past and present through these special Bicentennial publications from the USC Press. The first three publications listed below are available at campus area bookstores and other bookstores throughout the state.

University of South Carolina: A Portrait
Photographs by Robert C. Clark ,Text by Chris Horn

USC: A Portrait

This extraordinary collection of photographs captures the soul of the University of South Carolina and reflects a dynamic atmosphere that has attracted students for two hundred years. Sure to evoke memories in proud alumni and inspire the dreams of young scholars, nearly 250 images of people, places, and architecture reveal how much has changed–and how much remains the same. Familiar landmarks such as the historic Horseshoe and the east campus with its diverse architecture are showcased alongside scenes of progress and growth at an institution where change is constant.

A foreword by John M. Palms, University president, and Chris Horn's informative captions combine with Clark's photographs to present a kaleidoscopic view of Carolina that will be treasured by generations. University of South Carolina: A Portrait is a celebration of a great university.

Carolina Voices
Two Hundred Years of Student Experiences
Edited by Carolyn B. Matalene and Katherine C. Reynolds
Carolina Voices Book

This unique collection of memoirs captures the spirit of student life at Carolina throughout its first two centuries. Featuring student letters and diary entries dating to 1809 and emails written as recently as 2000, Carolina Voices was edited by Carolyn B. Matalene and Katherine C. Reynolds and will appeal to current students, parents, alumni and anyone who has ever corresponded to and from a college campus.

A History of the University of South Carolina (1940-2000)
by Harry H. Lesesne
A History of USC Book

This history of the modern University of South Carolina (originally chartered as the South Carolina College in 1801) describes the significant changes in the state and in the character of higher education in South Carolina. World War II, the civil rights struggle, and the revolution in research and South Carolina's economy transformed USC from a smalll state university in 1939, with a student body of about 2,000 and an annual budget of $725,000, to a 1990 population of more than 25,000 and an annual budget of $454 million. Henry H. Lesesne recounts the historic transformation of USC into a modern research university, grounding that change in the context of the modernization of South Carolina and the South in general. Lesesne describes with candor and impressive research how the University of Sotuh Carolina, and indeed, all of the state's higher education system emerged from a past limited by racism and poverty and began to measure its aspirations by national educational standards.

Like a Sponge Thrown into Water:
Francis Lieber's European Travel Journal of 1844-1845

Available in February 2002 from the University of South Carolina Press

Begin a lively tour through England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, and Bohemia with one of the 19th century's most influential minds.

Transcribed from the autograph manuscript in the South Caroliniana Library of the University of South Carolina and edited with an Essay and individual Entry Commentaries by Charles R. Mack and Ilona S. Mack.

To order a copy of this book, please contact the Business Office, University of South Carolina Press, 718 Devine Street, Columbia, SC 29208
Toll free (800) 768-2500
Fax (800) 868-0740
or visit

A USC Bicentennial Year Publication, published for the South Caroliniana Library with assistance from the USC Bicentennial Commission, the Caroline McKissick Dial Publication Fund and the University of South Caroliniana Society.

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