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Programs, Calls for Papers, Registration Information for BSC Conferences

  1. Information for 2002 (Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH)
  2. Program/Registration Information for 2001 (Notre Dame University, South Bend, Ind.)
  3. Program for 2000 (Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.)
  4. Program/Registration Information for 1999 (College Park, MD)
  5. Call for Papers for 1999 (College Park, MD)
  6. Program for 1998 (Lexington, KY)
  7. Registration information for 1998 (Lexington, KY) -5I> Program for 1997 (Madison)
  8. Program for 1996 (Chapel Hill)
  9. Program for 1996 (New York)
  10. Program for 1994 (Ann Arbor)
  11. Program for 1993 (Princeton)

BSC Constitution

BSC Officers

Minutes of Governing Board Meetings

Minutes of Business Lunch Meetings

U.S. National Committee on Byzantine Studies

  • National Committee

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    Discussion Lists of Interest to Byzantinists.

    WEB Sites of Interest to Byzantinists.

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