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Students, faculty, and staff at the University of South Carolina travel the campus both day and night. We provide this campus and call box map to remind all members of our campus to travel safely.

The purpose of the University of South Carolina Campus and Call Box Map is to encourage members of the USC community to share common walkways at night.

Please be aware that following the suggested paths will not assure you of safety. However, by utilizing the walkways, walking with others, and following the other tips on this site, you can make your night travel as safe as possible.

Use Sense and Caution!

  • Use the USC Campus and Call Box Map to identify high traffic and well lit areas.
  • Plan your route ahead of time. Tell someone where you are going and when to expect you.
  • Know where Emergency Call Boxes are located and how to use them.
  • NEVER walk alone at night.
  • Think ahead and park in a well lit place if you will be returning to your car after dark. As you approach your car, have your keys ready. Look inside and around your car before getting in. Then, lock your door immediately after entering the vehicle.

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For emergency preparedness news services, and resources, visit www.sc.edu/emergency

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