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USC Fee Schedule 2012-2013

The Fee Schedule lists tuition and fees for all University campuses. Students pay their tuition and all the fees that apply to them. Be sure to see ALL sections (Cross Campus Fees, General Fees, Academic Department Fees, and Other Fees) that apply to you.

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1) Full-time fees per semester, unless otherwise noted [see note (9) below for exceptions]. Part-time fees stated per credit hour. Part-time is defined as fewer than 12 hours. Part-time fees apply to summer sessions unless otherwise noted. Most fees listed in the Full-Time columns are applicable to all students. Unless otherwise noted, all tuition and fees reviewed and approved by the USC Board of Trustees in June 2013 become effective in Fall 2013.
2) USC Columbia - Chapter 33 veterans entitled to the maximum benefit rate (based on service requirements) who apply for the Yellow Ribbon Program at USC and are deemed eligible may receive a tuition abatement as follows for Non-Resident students: Undergraduate students - 50% of tuition and fee charges in excess of the VA maximum amounts for SC not to exceed $5,700 annually; Graduate/Professional students - 50% of tuition and fee charges in excess of the VA maximum amounts for SC not to exceed $3,400 annually. The number of eligible students is limited based upon the terms of the annual Yellow Ribbon Program Agreement. Qualified resident students are fully covered by the VA at the actual resident tuition rates.
3) Free tuition per state law for: children of certain deceased and other veterans, firefighters and law enforcement officers, essay winner for Governor's Committee on the Employment of the Physically Handicapped, and resident 60 years or older on space available basis.

Only Columbia campus students named as McNair, Horseshoe, Cooper, McKissick, Lieber, Flinn, and Alumni Scholars.

5) Non-Resident Athletics scholarship implies athletic grant-in-aid at the USC Columbia Campus. This rate may not apply to all scholarship student-athletes, based upon designation by the Athletics Department. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships awards grants-in-aid in accordance with NCAA, conference and institutional guidelines.
6) Sims Scholarship - Only Columbia campus students named as Sims Scholars.
7) Active Duty Military - This rate is tied to the regional campus tuition rate and is applied across USC Campuses. Rate has been in effect at this level for active duty military since at least the mid 1990's. Non-Resident Active Duty Military pay the resident rate for distance courses. Applies to Undergraduates only.
8) Full-time undergraduate students on Columbia, Aiken, Beaufort and Upstate campuses and all full-time graduate students will pay an additional charge for each credit hour above sixteen hours. Nonrefundable after the 100% refund period.
9) Graduate rates listed under USC Columbia apply to all campuses. Fees for senior and regional campuses are for undergraduate students only.
10) USC Columbia - Undergraduate application fee waived only for South Carolina residents who present a College Board fee waiver or a National Association for College Admissions Counselors waiver. Of the total application fee $7.50 is allocated to the Student Health Center. A portion of USC Columbia undergraduate application fee is allocated to undergraduate Admissions. Graduate application fees are retained by the General Fund except for the $50 Moore School of Business additional application fee.
11) The Gamecock Gateway program is a partnership between the University of South Carolina Columbia (USC) and Midlands Technical College (MTC) to provide an academic and residential link between the two institutions. The Gamecock Gateway program is offered by invitation only and offers a residential experience on or near the USC campus. Students will pursue transfer compliant course work at MTC, while benefitting from a variety of support programs and student services offered by each institution. Upon successful completion of the one year academic program in Gamecock Gateway, students will be eligible to fully matriculate at USC. The deposit is non-refundable.
12) The matriculation fee is paid only once by undergraduate degree-seeking students during their entering semester through the campus where they initially enroll. The fee will be charged again if a student enrolls in a masters or doctoral program of study. For the USC Columbia campus, a portion of the fee is allocated to Arts & Sciences for new student placement testing.
13) Capstone scholar fee is payable in student's first and second year of the program.
14) The optional athletic event fee includes the per semester athletics activity charge and the athletics bond charge. A minimum of six credit hours are required for the student to elect this fee.
15) Insurance charge as required for graduate students, international students, and any other students who opt into third-party program.
16) Mandatory Study Abroad Insurance was implemented in Spring 2011 with an off-cycle BOT approval. Fee is based on a $360 academic year rate that is pro-rated for length of time the student spends abroad.
17) Dual Enrollment Courses - USC System Campuses may waive the dual enrollment charge or charge less than the $66 per credit hour rate with 4% fee waiver capacity for resident students. This rate applies to all campuses except USC Sumter. USC Sumter's rate is $76 per credit hour. This rate applies to full and part time students regardless of status. The $66 per credit hour rate is a minimum. The course charge may not exceed the resident credit hour tuition for each USC Campus.
18) Certified Teacher Rate is $436.50 for resident students per hour for the Columbia campuses. This rate is a 10% reduction to the regular resident graduate rate. The rate is $520 for non-resident students per hour for the Columbia campus. The Certified Teacher Rate for Aiken and Upstate is $320.10 for resident students per hour and $350 for non-resident students per hour. The Certified Teacher rate applies to regular graduate courses only and not to any program with a separate program or credit hour fee.
19) Supervisory Teacher Rate is $5 per hour for non-Columbia campuses. Rate for Columbia increased from $5 to $50 per hour in FY2009.
20) Professional Development contract courses ranging from $4,000 to $12,000 per course based on maximum of 25 students; additional students beyond 25 may enroll for a fee prorated from the base fee. Contract Course amounts must be approved in advance by the Provost.
21) Any special course fees to cover materials, travel, or other special costs above normal tuition must be approved in advance by the Provost. Special OSP courses assessed at board mandated fee rate. All fees must be paid by students directly to the University of South Carolina. Any exceptions must be specifically approved in advance by the Chief Financial Officer.
22) Nonresident students in study abroad programs are eligible for an in-state tuition waiver as provided in the South Carolina Code of Laws 59-112-70.
23) Students paying program specific fees for professional or graduate programs will be assessed an additional per credit hour charge for hours outside of the program.
24) Joint JD/Moore School of Business programs will be assessed MSB Master’s program fees on a pro-rata basis for all MSB courses required for the MSB program commensurate with the Joint JD/MSB program. Fees will be assessed each term in accordance with total program fee and payment schedule outlined in the DMSB schedule of fee payments, regardless of whether a DMSB course is taken in given term.
25) Moore School of Business requires additional $50 application fee for graduate students. Applicants required to pay $50 graduate school application and $50 Moore School of Business application fee.
26) Moore School of Business International Master of Business Administration program fee disclosed a per credit hour rate in FY2011. Fees continue to be assessed on total program fee basis.
27) Accelerated MBA program was approved by CHE in May 2012.
28) Moore School of Business Professional Master of Business Administration for Banking program fee changed to a per credit hour rate in FY2011.
29) Effective for FY2011, sophomore, junior and senior undergraduate students in the Moore School of Business are charged an enrichment fee each semester. The charge for FY2014 will be $750 per semester.
30) Undergraduate childhood/elementary and middle level clinical fee may be waived for repeat at the discretion of the College of Education.
31) All student fees are paid to the University of South Carolina and not to external agencies, unless explicitly noted. Any laboratory fee must be billed through the University and separate arrangements for facility usage must be arranged between the academic unit and the facility.
32) Carolina LIFE Program is a program managed under the College of Education which focuses on offering a college experience to individuals with intellectual and cognitive disabilities that might otherwise not experience a college life. The program, which was funded by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) for the first two years of operation, was self-supporting beginning in FY11. Participants are non-degree seeking special needs students who enroll in a total of 15 credit hours per semester - which are a combination of both Carolina LIFE - Life Skills credits and University course credits.
33) Carolina LIFE 1 and 2 bedroom rental fees per semester include the estimated cost of resident mentors per program participant. Actual bedroom billing may fluctuate based on number of actual program participants. Confirmation deposit credited and applied to bedroom rental charge.
34) Health Professions charges apply to Public Health, Nursing and Social Work and include the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.
35) Arnold School of Public Health Doctor of Physical Therapy program students previously did not pay the separate Health Professions Fee. In FY2008, tuition and fees were recalibrated to include the Health Professions fee.
36) All students in the joint JD/MHA program will pay Law School tuition for years one and two, but change to the USC Graduate School rate for year three, then return to the Law School tuition rate for year four of the program.
37) See Graduate Bulletin for payment schedules of enrichment and matriculation fees. These are designated fees with the revenue allocated to the respective colleges.
38) Students in the USC MLIS Degree Program in other states will pay the South Carolina resident graduate tuition rate plus a cohort fee of $100 per credit hour. This cohort fee is guaranteed not to increase during the four-year span of the program.
39) Biomedical students in the MS and doctoral program are charged the regular graduate student rate, not the Health Professions rate.
40) Biomedical studies program - Deposit fee changed from flat $1500 refundable amount to 5% fee of the resident or non-resident tuition rate as applicable based on student residency. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to student tuition.
41) USC Columbia Nursing students, and students at system campuses taking USC Columbia Nursing courses, will pay a third party vendor, First Lab, for background checks and drug screening fees.
42) Pre-pharmacy - same as regular undergraduate charges for 66 credit hours.
43) South Carolina College of Pharmacy, merged program with the Medical University of South Carolina.
44) All SCCP students retaking a course during the summer terms are required to pay the per credit hour rate for the repeated course and the regular summer program fee. This fee structure was approved by the USC Board of Trustees on April 11, 2008 and became effective with the Summer I 2008 term.
45) The Arnold School of Public Health participates in the Schools of Public Health Application System (SOPHAS). This system is used to accumulate and verify application data from prospective students nationwide, and verified prospective student data is provided to the school for processing applications to these programs: Environmental Health Sciences: MPH, MS, and PhD; Epidemiology and Biostatistics: MPH, MSPH, DrPH, and PhD; Exercise Science: MPH in Physical Activity and Public Health; and Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior: MPH, MSPH, DrPH, and PhD; Health Services Policy and Management: MHA, MPH, DrPH, PhD; Academic Affairs: MPH in General Public Health. The cost of $115 per application is charged directly to the students by SOPHAS and is not reflected in the University's fee schedule. Applicants for these programs also pay the $50 graduate school application to the University of South Carolina General Fund.
46) Arnold School of Public Health - Doctor of Physical Therapy tuition charged based on resident graduate tuition. Resident rate equals resident graduate rate. Non-Resident rate equals 1.6 times the resident graduate rate. Non-Resident Scholarship rate equals 1.3 times the resident graduate rate. Students also pay the Health Professions Fee.
47) USC Columbia Housing - Housing contract cancellation and fines and damages. Please refer to University Housing for details on cancellation dates and charges and all fines and damage charges. This information is updated annually on the Housing website. Housing charges a $100 deposit for room confirmation. This deposit is applied to the Fall room charge.
48) USC Columbia Housing - Students living in Maxcy, Preston and Green Quad will be assessed the enrichment fee in addition to the Educational/RHA Fee.
49) University Libraries - Please refer to full schedule of fees and fines for University Libraries available on the USC website.
50) USC Columbia Parking - Please refer to full schedule of fees and fines for Parking available on the USC Parking website.
51) Continuing Education - Please refer to full schedule of fees for Continuing Education programs available on the USC website.
52) Post Office - Non-refundable beginning the first day of class each term.
53) USC Aiken resident rate applies to students who are legal residents of Richmond and Columbia counties of Georgia as provided in South Carolina Code of Laws 59-112-110.
54) USC Senior Campuses non-resident scholarship rate is 75% of the campus non-resident tuition. Each campus establishes specific criteria for scholarship award.
55) USC Aiken - Reduced application fee for students who quality for College Board/ACT fee waiver only.
56) USC Beaufort - Any special course fees to cover materials, travel, or other special costs above normal tuition must be approved in advance by the Chancellor for USC Beaufort. Special OSP courses assessed at board mandated fee rate. All fees must be paid by students directly to the University of South Carolina Beaufort. Any exceptions must be specifically approved in advance by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer for USC Beaufort.
57) USC Beaufort Joint Nursing Program with Technical College of the Low Country (TCL) - A student in the program will be assessed TCL tuition rates and total tuition may not exceed the TCL rate for selected courses in the articulation agreement only.
58) USC Beaufort resident rate applies to students who are legal residents of Chatham, Effingham and Bryan counties of Georgia as provided in South Carolina code of Laws 59-112-20-E.
59) Business Degree Completion Rate is a per calendar year rate for a three-year cohort group. The cohort rate is calculated to equal 75% of the preceding fall rate based on a three year calculation of regular tuition, technology and public safety fees. Cohort rate does not include fees for courses, such as lab fees, matriculation fees, meal plan, etc. Courses taken outside of the cohort program are charged at regular USCB tuition and fee rates.
60) USC Beaufort - Application fees may be waived for new applicants to USCB for the following reasons: Application fee waiver requests due to a financial hardship must be submitted in writing from the applicant or guidance counselor or receive a fee waiver for the SAT or ACT. Application fees may also be waived for the purpose of strategically addressing recruitment efforts identified annually through the enrollment management planning process. Specifically for Fall and Spring Campus Day and high school visits.
61) USC Beaufort housing and meal plans are outsourced through the Beaufort - Jasper Higher Education Commission. USC Beaufort collects room fees for distribution to the Commission based on an agreement. For USC Beaufort Housing Contract cancellation, fines, and damages please refer to USC Beaufort Housing contract and/or website for details on cancellation dates, charges, fines, and damage charges. Information will be updated annually.
62) USC Beaufort - All non-freshman students residing in on-campus student housing will be required to purchase a 10 meal per week plan. All freshman students residing in on-campus housing will be required to purchase a 14 meal per week plan.
63) USC Beaufort - All students classified as full time by taking 12 or more hours of instruction will be required to purchase a 30 block per semester meal plan.
64) USC Beaufort - Sand Shark scholars deposit of $300 credited to student account and applied against Semester fee. $1,000 program Fee per Semester. The Sand Shark Scholars Program is a one-year residential program offered jointly by the University of South Carolina Beaufort and the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie. Designed for a select group of freshmen, the Sand Shark Scholars Program is an academic transfer program available by invitation only.
65) USC Upstate - Please refer to USC Upstate website for list of Parking and traffic violations schedule of fees and fines.
66) USC Upstate - Zhejiang University- Degree Completion Program - This rate is inclusive of all fees incurred by student, including technology fee, security fee, health fee, and program fees. This rate does not include housing, meal plan fees or student health insurance. This rate applies to all international universities sending students in 2+2, dual degree, or 1+2+1 programs. International program rate is applicable only to programs approved by the Board of Trustees.
67) USC Upstate - Additional course fees are in addition to regular student tuition.
68) USC Upstate Application fees will be waived for the following students who are currently enrolled in high school and are applying for freshman admission to the Upstate campus: Students with an SAT total of 1300 or above or ACT composite of 29 or above; Students who submit Educational Testing Service fee waiver forms for students from SC; Upstate Junior Scholars (applies only to semester immediately following high school graduation), Scholars Academy , Off-campus Dual Enrollment, Upward Bound Students or those who demonstrate other documented need. Application fees will be waived for the following applicants, regardless of degree status or school enrollment: full-time, permanent USC Upstate faculty and staff (including retired), their spouses and dependents; ROTC staff (eligible for USC Faculty/Staff Tuition Assistance).
69) USC Upstate Housing - Contract cancellation, fines and damages - please refer to USC Upstate Housing website and/or Housing application for details on cancellation dates, charges, fines and damage charges. Information will update annually. All new full-time freshmen under the age of 20 are required to live on campus unless they reside in the local area with their parents. Advance room fees are refundable after June 1st within 10 days of submitting housing application.
70) USC Upstate - Minimum mandatory meal plan for non-residential students enrolled on the Spartanburg campus, including the JCBE building. Online courses are excluded.
71) USC Upstate - Mandatory minimum meal plan for students in campus housing. Palmetto and Magnolia House residents - Unlimited CLC dining plan; Palmetto Villa residents - option of Villa or Freedom meal plan.
72) USC Upstate - Athletic Insurance Fee is a range depending on individual athlete experience.
73) USC Upstate - SLED background check charge may be required for certain University courses.
74) Palmetto College - Students will be charged at the Palmetto College rate once they have earned 75 hours or higher, or have a Palmetto College degree program, concentration and instructional method. Tuition rates for Regional Campus students who have earned less than 75 hours will follow the Regional Campus tuition schedule. Previous Back to Carolina and Palmetto Programs students will be incorporated under Palmetto College effective Fall 2013. Participants can enroll in Palmetto College at any campus as determined by the degree sought.
75) USC Lancaster - Students enrolled in Applied Technical Nursing program in cooperation with York Technical College are exempt from over 75 hour course charge.
76) USC Salkehatchie - Teacher Cadet Program is sponsored by the Western Carolina Higher Education Commission which pays the faculty salary for EDTE101 and EDTE 101P.


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