• The initial certification teacher education programs in the College of Education require internships to be completed in schools within the greater Columbia area. Internships allow future teachers to work in classrooms under the guidance of experienced teachers in different capacities ranging from instructional assistant to student teacher. These internships vary in credit from 3 to 12 semester hours and require between 2 and 6 hours per day of time in classrooms. Undergraduate internships are limited to students with a minimum of 60-credit hours.  All internships require admission to the Professional Program within a USC initial certification teacher education program.  Internships must be coordinated and approved by the College of Education Office of School-University Partnerships and Clinical Experiences.


  • Contact your Initial Teacher Education Certification Program Advisor, 777-2570 for undergraduate or 777-6732 for graduate programs

  • Office of School-University Partnerships and Clinical Experiences, 777-3029