Johnson picture Chanelle Johnson

Major: Psychology
Class Year: Class of 2011
Positions: Edventure (Community Internship Program-CIP)

Live it.

I am a recent and very proud graduate of the University of South Carolina! I have earned a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from this esteemed university and I will be continuing my education this fall at The Florida State University in pursuit of my Master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

What first motivated you to visit the Career Center?
My Career Center story is a bit different from most students. I worked here from my freshman year until I graduated so I was very aware of the resources and services.

What Career Center services have you used?
I have used just about all of the services that the career center offers, from resume and cover letter writing and critiques, preparing for interviews, graduate school preparation, internships, web resources, JobMate to Optimal Resume.

What did you learn from these services and how are you using them now?
I learned many valuable things from these services. I learned skills that help me grow professionally as well as help me to help others. The number one thing I think that I have learned from a holistic prospective is how to present and market myself. These are skills that I use every day.

How do you feel you have benefited from using the Career Center?
I have benefited in many ways from using the career center. I had the opportunity to have a paid summer internship in which I learned many new things. I also believe that the career center played a major role in helping me to get accepted into grad school. They helped me prepare my resume, helped with my personal statement, and gave me many tips on interviewing which landed me a graduate assistantship.

What would you suggest to students who are beginning to consider their job or internship search?
I would suggest that they start as soon as possible. It is never too early. I would tell them to utilize the Career Center in its entirety. Get help with resumes, cover letters, and interview tips. Do research! Know about the company you are applying to and be prepared by having this knowledge once you begin interviews. Use JobMate, professors, family, and friends to find out about opportunities for jobs and internships as well as the career center. And most importantly, remember that sometimes your experiences weighs more than your grades so get as much as you can and make what experience you have relate to the job you are trying to get. During your search, be patient and stay positive, sometimes it isn't automatic and it may not be exactly what you are looking for but give it your all and you will gain valuable experience.

What benefit do you see from the Community Internship Program (CIP)?
The CIP program is wonderful for students! It makes the search a little less difficult and you know that the internship is legit. It is a great way to make a connection with the Career Center by utilizing its resources as well as gain experience while being able to make some money.