The Arts and Sciences Career Development Program is a partnership between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Career Center that paves the way for students' success following graduation.  The Career Center provides a liaison to the College of Arts and Sciences to assist students toward this end.

What do arts and sciences majors do when they graduate? The range of possibilities may be surprising! Arts and sciences graduates develop valuable skills for today's and tomorrow's job market. Skills such as reasoning, analysis, evaluation, synthesizing complex information, decision-making, and oral and written communication make arts and sciences students flexible and versatile employees for the new millennium.

Given the wide variety of career choices after graduation, career planning is critical for arts and sciences students. You must begin your planning process early. Utalize the Career Center to help you Decide it, Experience it, and Live it!

We can help you by exploring your interests, skills, personality,  values and researching career options. Then we can help you get the proper experiences to gain the transferable skills needed for your career goal. Finally we can help you develop job search skills to prepare for the workplace.

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