1. When is the deadline to register for co-op?
All co-op students must meet with a Program Coordinator in the Career Center prior to participating in co-op. Students have until the last day of drop/add EACH semester according to the academic calendar to register for co-op. View academic calendar.

2. Can I co-op fall and spring semester if I take summer classes?
According to the Reigistrar's office a student must be in classes, with a mimimum of 15 hours, one of the two main semesters of an academic year - either fall or spring in order to be a full time student. Otherwise, they will not be admitted back into the University without re-applying to the Admissions Office. A student who wishes to extend a co-op may run the risk of losing their full-time status.

*Alternating co-op example
Fall 2011 Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Fall 2012 Spring 2013
Co-op Class Co-op Co-op Class
Class Co-op Co-op Class Co-op

3. Can I co-op my last semester?
Students participating in an alternating co-op are unable to co-op during their last semester of school. Students participating in a parallel co-op are eligible to participate in co-op during their final semester, because they will be attending school and working simultaneaously. Students need to complete their final semester of academic courses on campus.

4. How do I participate in athletic events during my co-op?
Unfortunately students enrolleed in co-op are not eligible to participate in the USC Student Account Manager on Ticketmaster. Students can still cheer on their Gamecocks by purchasing tickets through the South Carolina ticket office.

5. Can International Students Participate in co-op?
International students interested in participating in co-op must first meet with an International Student Advisor located at 901 Sumter Street (International Student Services Office) to determine their eligibility. You can also contact the International Student Services Office at (803) 777-7461.

6. What about health insurance?
As a co-op student it is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier regarding your co-op status. Students are able to utilize the Thomson Student Health Center service as an out of pocket expense per visit or can purchase the TSHC insurance coverage for $1,400 per semester. Please contact the TSHC at (803)777-3175 for more information or visit .

7. HELP! I'm unable to reigster for classes next semester.
Students are informed to contact their academic advisor prior to leaving campus for co-op. If you are unable to register for classes contact your academic advisor to explain you are away on co-op for the semester. Advisors only need to lift the advisement hold from the future term to allow student access to register. Students must contact their advisors prior to registering. Advising at USC

8. Where can I get a "full-time" letter for insurance or loan purposes?
You may now access the National Student Clearinghouse under the "Academics" menu on VIP. This will allow you to print, free of charge, official enrollment certificates for health insurance or other companies that request proof of enrollment. You may also still obtain a verification letter by going to the Office of the University Registrar with your student ID card. You can visit the Registrar's website at

9. My co-op is out of state. Will I be able to maintain my SC legal residency?
In order to maintain your in-state tuition and fess you must maintain your SC legal residency. That includes the following:
-Holding a SC Driver's License or state IDD
-Registering, licensing, and maintaining a car in SC (if applicable)
-Filing a SC tax return each year
-Continuing to use a SC address on all permanent records
If you have additional questions regarding SC residency while on co-op please contact the South Carolina Residency Manager at (803) 777-4081.