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Need help finding an internship? These resources can help you begin your search:

Why Internships?

Internship Strategies

  • Job Search Plan
  • Networking
  • Direct Contact—You may choose to market yourself to an organization whether openings exist or not. This is done by sending your resume and cover letter directly to the company. Keep in mind that it may take 100 mailings to generate 5 interviews.
  • Internal Campaigning—Working part-time or volunteering is one way to “get your foot in the door.” Employers may prefer to hire you for an internship or co-op once you have proven your worth at the part-time level.

Internship Opportunities

Employer Databases

  • Expired Internships—Login or register in JobMate, search in Job Postings, Historical Jobs to find expired internships.

Internship Resources

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