Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences

The following sites include information about topics or careers in various areas of the Arts & Sciences. Additional sites listed may provide related career development or salary survey information.

* Sites that post or link to actual job listings are designated with a star.

NOTE:   We strongly recommend that you preview websites in all categories since many of the websites listed could apply to students in more than one major. You will want to explore the websites listed for multiple departments within the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as websites listed for some of the other colleges and schools.

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Government (Federal, State & Local)
Useful USC Resources


Be an
Fantastic site with excellent information about a career as an actuary.

* Society of Actuaries

See "careers" or "education" for education and job information, including a place to post your resume and search for openings, including internships.

* Casualty Actuarial Society
Click on “career center” to search job listings, post in the jobs wanted section, view government positions or organization profiles.

* American Academy of Actuaries

Click on “jobs” for job postings. You can register to receive notification when new jobs come in. Also access many great additional resources under “links”.


Excellent resource.  Look under “actuarial job postings” for career information and job postings.  Be sure to click on “the actuarial grads network” for resources targeted to entry level candidates.

Balducci's Actuarial, Risk and Insurance Links
Links to all kinds of information pertaining to actuarial science on this site.

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* USC - Websites for the College of Education

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to education-related opportunities.

* National Association of Economic Educators

For those that wish to teach economics.  Has a small listing of available positions and links to resources at the local level.

* Economics Research Network

Click on “job openings” for positions mostly in teaching or researching in economics at the college level.

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* Career Information for Economics and Applied Mathematical Economics Majors

This page is maintained by a faculty member at Oswego State University of New York. It provides a good overview of careers in economics including sections on income and salary information for economics majors, career options for economics and applied math-econ majors, graduate study in economics and related disciplines, career information and job search tools on the web, and women's career information tools.

* American Economic Association: Job Openings for Economists
Part of the American Economic Association, access links to job listings sites as well as grant information and academic advice on this site.
 A nice selection of job listings in such categories as: academic, international and non-academic.

* National Congress for Community Economic Development

Job listings are only available to members, but you can sign up for an email newsletter and also access to links to members' sites.

State Economic Development Agencies

Check this list to connect to agencies in each state that are responsible for economic development in that state.

* South Carolina Economic Developers' Association

Go to "click  here for employment opportunities" to see open positions.  Other sections of this page may be helpful for networking.


A fabulous resource for economists. Provides links to information in categories such as education and teaching, methodology and history of economic thought, mathematical and quantitative methods, economics and computing, economics data, microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, financial economic, public economics, health and welfare, labor and demographics, law and economics, industrial organization, business economics, economic history, economic systems, regional economics, economics journals.  Many of these links will take you to sites that post jobs.

* International Monetary Fund

Find general information, scholarship programs, and summer internships under "for students".  Apply for jobs and get career information under "job opportunities".

* National Economic Association
This association focuses on producing and distributing knowledge of economic issues that are of exceptional interest to native and immigrant African Americans, Latinos, and other people of color.  Access grants and fellowships from this site, as well as career information about economics as a profession.  Click on "employment opportunities" to access the job bulletin.

EDRIC (Economic Departments, Institutes & Research Centers in the World)

This is an extensive directory of economics-related organizations around the world. You can search by location (country or state within the US) or by function/field. The section for the USA has over 2700 links.

* National Association for Business Economics
"NABEŽ is an association of professionals who have an interest in business economics and who want to use the latest economic data and trends to enhance their ability to make sound business decisions. There are approximately 3,000 members representing more than 1,500 businesses and other organizations from around the world."  Be sure to see the careers section for  useful information.  Job postings are accessible by members only (a $40 student membership fee).

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GOVERNMENT (Federal, State & Local)

USC - Websites for Political Science
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to federal, state & local government opportunities. Will allow you to research employers as well as search for jobs.

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Click on the student link under the JobMate icon in the top right corner of the page. Updated daily by the Career Center at USC, this database lists full-time, part-time, summer, internship and graduate assistantship opportunities in a wide variety of industries.  In addition to searching for advertised opportunities students may also search the employer directory or lists of USC Career Fair employers, as well as upload a resume for employers to view and/or sign up for on-campus interviews with employers.

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