Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences

The following sites include information about topics or careers in various areas of the Arts & Sciences. Additional sites listed may provide related career development or salary survey information.

Sites that post or link to actual job listings are designated with a star.


NOTE:   We strongly recommend that you preview websites in all categories since many of the websites listed could apply to students in more than one major. You will want to explore the websites listed for multiple departments within the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as websites listed for some of the other colleges and schools.






Armed Forces


Atmospheric Science

Natural Resources / Conservation




Regional & Urban Development / Planning

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) & Remote Sensing

Useful University of South Carolina Resources

Government (Federal, State & Local)





University of South Carolina - Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences (Armed Forces)

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center web page.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to careers in the military.


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American Meteorological Society

Contains lots of job information and openings.


National Weather Association

A professional nonprofit association that serves individuals interested in operational meteorology and related activities.  Includes job links.


American Association of State Climatologists

Use this site to contact the state climate office for each state in the US.

Benefits of this site include information on difference sectors to work in with a meteorology degree, tips on how to get jobs, and links to colleges that offer a degree in meteorology or atmospheric science.


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* Academic Keys

Academic keys post job announcements in Higher Education. Select the "Find a Job" tab to search for positions.


University of South Carolina - Websites for the College of Education

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to education-related opportunities.



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The National Academies

Click on "career links" for a variety of job openings with one of the many offices or divisions that make up the National Academies.  There is also a section for fellowships and post-docs.


The Association of American Geographers

You must be a member to access job listings on this site, however, the site provides free access to fantastic information under "jobs/careers" . This includes information on various fields of specialization, a questions and answers career section and an "ask a geographer" section. This site also provides information on conferences and grants for geography students.


* Hire Rocket

Terrific site with information on companies, related news, related software, and more.  Post your resume or search the job listings.

Includes job postings in a variety of subfields in geography. Has both internship and full time postions.



 This site maintains an up-to-date list of job openings in geography.  Includes national and international job opening. Search by region or date of post.


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GIS (Geographic Information Systems) & Remote Sensing

Click on "Careers In GIS" for tons of useful information about the field.

Search the job listings in Europe, the Middle East or North America by multiple categories such as CAD analyst, cartographer, geographer, geologist, hydrologist, intern, researcher, transportation planner, urban planner, and more.  You may also post your resume for $10 for 90 days, subscribe to the mailing list to receive job postings, and review salary information.


GIS Connection

You may search the job listings and post your resume on this site.



This database contains GIS jobs and resumes covering fields such as remote sensing, mapping, forestry, geographic analysis and more


GeoCommunity Career Center

This site provides GIS, geo-spatial and location-based industry job announcements and career development resources. Post or browse GIS, GPS, CAD, remote sensing, LBS, and earth sciences related job announcements, resumes, and consultant listings. You'll also find numerous employment related resources targeted to the geo-spatial and lbs industries.



Recruiters in geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), photogrammetry, remote sensing, image processing, computer science and related technologies and sciences post positions on this site. You may search the database for free, or new college graduates may pay to have position listings sent to them.




URISA (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association)

Click on "Career Center" on the left side of the page for job postings, resources, resume bank, and schools that have GIS programs.




The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society

Click on "Education & Prof. Development" and then "career brochure" for excellent information on careers in photogrammetry, remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and well as required educational for these fields and a list of job titles in the geospatial sciences.  There are also tips on where to find employment and links to some job search sites.  Also see "sustaining members" under "Membership"  to view a searchable database of members of ASPRS, including company descriptions and contact information. This is a great tool for networking.  There is also information about student membership.




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GOVERNMENT (Federal, State & Local)


University of South Carolina - Career Center - Government Resources

 From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to the best sites for to federal, state & local government opportunities. Will allow you to research employers as well as search for jobs.


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*Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Click on “career center” and then "career center job board"  to learn more about a career in logistics, including sample job descriptions and salary data.  Get a Student Membership for $25 a year and be eligible to post your resume for internships and jobs.


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University of South Carolina - Websites for the College of Arts and Sciences/Environmental Studies

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to natural resource-related opportunities. Use these links to explore how your background in geography might have prepared you for a career in environmental science.


Natural Resources Conservation Service

Under “quick access” click on “employment”.  You’ll find jobs in many categories including many positions for conservationists.


American Water Resources Association

This site has job listings related to water resource management.


Air & Waste Management Association

Browse jobs and post your resume under "Career Center".


Land Trust Alliance

Under "resources for land trusts" you'll find jobs with the LTA as well as at individual land trust-related organizations.


The Student Conservation Association

Provides people the opportunity to serve and protect our nation's valuable national parks, forests and urban communities. Internships and summer time jobs in national and state parks are available with this agency.



This site has several terrific categories including "links", "jobs” and “news/advocacy”.  Under "links" you'll find categories such as history (by subculture), archeology, architecture, government agencies, heritage tourism, maps, museums, and planning and community development.  Under “jobs” you'll find full-time employment listings as well as internships. 


 Natural Resources: Research Information Pages

Excellent international directory of natural resources-related information.  Includes academic institutions, professional/research organizations, environmental interest groups, federal agencies, state agencies, journals, magazines, libraries and more. There is even a category on outdoor recreation planning.


Natural Resources Defense Council

Click on “issues” for information about current geography issues.

Use this site as a directory to access other information related to air quality, water quality, climate, transportation, etc.\



Access information on organizations related to air, land and water, sustainability, etc.


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University of South Carolina - Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences/Sociology

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to opportunities related to sociology.


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Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning

Click on “careers in planning “ for detailed information on what planners do, how to prepare to be a planner and how to get a job in planning. Click on “jobs” for actual postings (many are academic in nature).


American Planning Association

 A terrific site for anyone interested in city planning or urban development!  See the "jobs & careers" section for outstanding information on this industry and to access job listings.





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USEFUL University of South Carolina RESOURCES


University of South Carolina - Department of Geography

The Department of Geography at the University of South Carolina. Click on "alumni" and search the alumni database for networking contacts.


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