Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences

The following sites include information about topics or careers in various areas of the Arts & Sciences. Additional sites listed may provide related career development or salary survey information.

Sites that post or link to actual job listings are designated with a star.

NOTE:   We strongly recommend that you preview websites in all categories since many of the websites listed could apply to students in more than one major. You will want to explore the websites listed for multiple departments within the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as websites listed for some of the other colleges and schools.

Armed Forces Libraries (includes archiving)
Education Museums & Preservation
General Non-Profit
Government (Federal, State & Local) Regional & Urban Development / Planning
Graduate Students & PhDs Useful USC Resources



USC - Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences (Armed Forces)

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center web page.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to careers in the military.

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USC - Websites for the College of Education
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to education related opportunities.
This site, maintained by the National Council for the Social Studies, contains useful data on educators in social studies. Numerous links to related topics and fields are provided.  Click on "social studies career center" under Quick Links for job listings in social studies teaching (mostly for professors).

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American Studies Association
Scroll down to click on "opportunities" for job listings in American studies, women’s studies, ethnical/cultural studies, history, English and more. Most positions are academic in nature.

Association of Personal Historians

If you’re interested in helping others preserve their personal histories and life stories, this site offers useful information about being a personal historian.  Use the membership directory under "Find a Personal Historian" to network with other personal historians.

American Association for State & Local History
Click on "who we are" and then "products/publications" to access an online monthly newsletter (The Dispatch) that is filled with informational articles, updates, and insights about the state and local history field as well as up-to-date job opportunities and advertising for products and services in the state and local history field.  Job postings include following categories: archival, curatorial, collections, conservator, development/membership, director/administration, education exhibitions, interpretation, preservation, publications, public relations/marketing, and registrars.  In addition, there is a category for internships/fellowships and a "situations wanted" section.

* H-Net:Guide for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Covers academic positions in history, the humanities, and social sciences, as well as listings in rhetoric, composition.   Includes categories such as African & middle eastern history, American studies, ethnic studies, Asian history, Canadian history, European/Russian history, history of science, Latin American history, medieval/ancient history, public history, museums & archives and US History. Also includes a category for fellowships, grants and internships.  You may also wish to see the Discussion Networks link and sign up for listservs since jobs are frequently shared on these as well.

National Council on Public History
Click on “careers and training” on the left side of the page and then search for permanent positions or internships. Also post your resume on-line and link to other job search sites.

Organization of American Historians

Use the drop down menu and click on "job listings" or "history web links" for a long list of history related resources.

Resources of Scholarly Societies – History
This site has every historical specialization organization you can imagine! Use this site to surf for jobs in career fields related to specified academic fields.

The American Historical Association
Click on "jobs and careers" for data on the history profession, including salary surveys, job outlook, etc. Neat articles on "What can you do with an undergraduate degree in history?"  Click on "Careers for Students in History" for tons of information about the profession.  Job postings and membership directory are available to members only.  Fellowship and grant information also available.

*The History Factory
Somewhat of a consulting firm, this organization hires professional historians, archivists, researchers, writers, museum specialists, project managers, and administrators that have a passion for business, history or both.  They offer anniversary planning, archives and database development, heritage management programs, exhibits, media relations planning, living history programs, research/editorial services and publications, graphic design and new media productions for the business sector.  Click on "Careers" at the bottom of the page for a list of openings in their office

The Serenus Press
This site  has great resources on promoting the study and use of history and the liberal arts, demonstrating their application in nonacademic settings. You can access free downloadable material.

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GOVERNMENT (Federal, State, & Local)

USC - Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences (Political Science)
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to federal, state & local government opportunities. Will allow you to research employers as well as search for jobs.

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Beyond Academia
This site was created in response to the issue of the growing disparity between the number of PhDs in history and the number of academic jobs available.  It provides excellent information on careers for historians outside of academia.

Top Online Masters in History and Humanities Degrees

This site will help inform students about which schools across the country are currently offering a masters degree program in History.

USC - Career Center - PhDs and Post-Docs

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage. This page will link you to excellent information for those with a PhD with information on working both in - and outside of - academia.

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LIBRARIES (includes archiving)

USC - Websites for the School of Library & Information Science
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to opportunities in library science and information management.  Use these links to explore how your background in literature and English might have prepared you for a career in these areas.

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Museum Careers - American Association of Museums

Job postings are limited to members only, but  explore the site for career information on what museum professionals do, what education and training needed, and advice on how to find employment and internship opportunities.  Also search for museums to network.

Smithsonian Institution: Office of Human Resources

Click on "careers" (left side of page). Here you can find an overview of different types of positions in museum work including such job titles as business manager, collections manager, conservator, curator, development officer, director, editor educator, exhibits designer, librarian, membership officer, photographer, public relations, registrar, specialized services and superintendent. You can also link to current jobs, internships and fellowships from this page.

Museum Employment Resource Center

National and international links to museum job listings, the ability to post your resume, as well as information on conferences, the museum industry, graduate programs and more.

Global Museum
Search museum, art gallery & nonprofit job vacancies and internships.  Includes a variety of types of museums including art, historical, scientific and children’s museums.
Worldwide positions in museums, libraries, archives and galleries.  Includes full-time, part-time, contract, internships and volunteer positions. Includes a variety of types of museums including art, historical, scientific and children’s museums.
Click on "museums" (at the top of the page)  and search listings of US museums, worldwide museums, museums by type (including art, history and science), very special museums, online museum shops, and unusual museums and strange collections.

SouthEastern Museums Conference

See the site map for the easiest route to fellowships, internships and the mentor program.  Job postings and the membership directory are limited to members only.  Student memberships are $25.

ICOM – International Council of Museums

Click on "resources" adn then "other resources" to access the "virtual library museums pages" which leads you to an international directory of museums. There are over 1000 listed for the US alone and you can link directly to the web page for each. E-mail distribution lists are also available to keep you updated on museum news and other networking information.

Association of Science -Technology Centers

Includes a variety of types of positions in science museums and some history museums.

The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

Job listings are available to members only.  Student membership is $15.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Rollover "resources" at the top of the page and click on "jobs" for access to full-time jobs with the National Trust, as well as internship information. 

This site has several terrific categories including "resources", "jobs” and “education”.  Under "resources" you'll find categories such as history (by subculture), archeology, architecture, government agencies, heritage tourism, maps, museums, and planning and community development.  Under “jobs” you'll find full-time employment listings, internships as well as internships.  Under  “education” you’ll find information on grants and scholarships.

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Click on "home" and and then "jobs" for employment, intern, and volunteer opportunities through the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.

*National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers

Use this site to obtain contact information for the State Preservation Offices of each US state. 

Student Conservation Association

Fantastic internship database with hundreds of positions including some in archaeology, American history, photography, and interpretation and visitor services.

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

Detailed information on specialties within the profession, as well as guidelines for becoming an art conservationist.

Department of Historic Preservation – Mary Washington College
Click on “jobs in preservation” for occasional job listings, as well as links to sites that post jobs.

Heritage Areas

Use this site to identify the 23 national heritage areas around the country, established by Congress.  In these areas, conservation, interpretation and other activities are managed by partnerships among federal, state, and local governments and the private sector.   Use the contact information to identify potential employers.

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USC - Career Center - Non Profit Job Listings & Employer Information

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage. This page will link you to employer information and job listings for both U.S. and overseas non-profit organizations.

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USC - Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences (Geography)
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to regional and urban planning and development related opportunities.

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USC - Department of History

The Department of History at the University of South Carolina.  Information about faculty, courses and upcoming events.

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