Websites for the College of Arts & Sciences

The following sites include information about topics or careers in various areas of the Arts & Sciences. Additional sites listed may provide related career development or salary survey information.

Sites that post or link to actual job listings are designated with a star.

NOTE:   We strongly recommend that you preview websites in all categories since many of the websites listed could apply to students in more than one major. You will want to explore the websites listed for multiple departments within the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as websites listed for some of the other colleges and schools.

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Armed Forces Government (Federal, State & Local)
Education (general) International Opportunities
Classics Russian / Slavic
East Asian Sign Language
ESL (English as a Second Language) Spanish/Portuguese
French Translation / Interpretation
General (all languages) Useful USC Resources



USC - Websites for the College of Liberal Arts (Armed Forces)

From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center web page.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to careers in the military.

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EDUCATION (general - see language categories for language-specific resources)

USC - Websites for the College of Education
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to education-related opportunities.

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
Resources for the foreign language teacher abound on this website. Job seekers can look under the "Professional development" tab and click on Career Center to find a listing of jobs.

Language Teachers' Resources
From the Ohio ESL Site. Click on ?employment? for useful links.

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition and Language Instruction Educational Programs
Great site for more information and resources about teaching English.

*National Association for Bilingual Education
Excellent web site with information about bilingual education.  Search the job board for openings.

Foreign Language Teach
Terrific links under "www resources for language teachers" (at the bottom of the page).   A listserv is also available and may be a good resource for networking.

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Joint Association of Classical Teachers
JACT exists to promote the interest of the Classics in schools and colleges, and to support teachers. It has a world-wide membership.  Use the site map for easiest navigation of this page and click on ?jobs? under ?teaching?.

American Philological Association
This association?s site links to study abroad opportunities, research grants, job listings and other issues related to classical studies.  First time users might wish to start by using the site index.

Resources for Classical Studies
Nice list of resources pertaining to classical studies from Vanderbilt University. Be sure to see ?professional associations? and ?listservs and discussion groups? , both located torwards the bottom of the page.

The American Classical League
Lists departments of classical studies at colleges and secondary schools. Good information for students wanting to teach the classics, those looking for scholarships, or those wanting to further pursue graduate work. You can access teaching positions listings in Latin and Greek through the National Latin and Greek Teacher Placement service on this page.  Also provides links to job listings on other sites.

National Committee for Latin & Greek: National Teacher Placement Services
Good information about why the study of Latin and Greek are important, as well as job listings categorized by the university level, secondary level, by region or by state.

The Classical Association of the Middle West and South Home page
This association includes university, college, secondary and elementary teachers of Latin, Greek and all other studies which focus on the world of classical antiquity.

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East Asian Library-The University of Kansas
The purpose of this page is to aid students in East Asian studies to search for jobs and careers in fields related to East Asia. This page provides links to major Internet job search sites, job listings in online newspapers, and jobs in higher education, business, government, libraries, museums, and not-for-profit organizations pertaining to East Asian business, language, or culture by subject specialty and/or special skills and training.


A clearinghouse for jobs that require a knowledge of Asian languages, specifically Japanese, Korean and Chinese.   Most of the positions are in other countries.

Association for Asian Studies
Click on ?jobs? for employment opportunities, mostly in teaching.

Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures - Ohio State Univ.
Nice list of Asian-related resources on the internet.

Asian Women in Business
Click on "Directory of Organizations" for useful links.

Wang & Li Asia Resources
Wang & Li is a leading recruitment firm that specializes in the placement of bilingual professionals within top multinational companies operating in Greater China.


Hit "english" in the upper right hand corner to view the page in english. This site provides career opportunities for Japanese-English bilingual jobseekers. Internships are available as well and you may search for positions based on years of experience...including having no prior work experience.  Don't miss information on their annual career fair held in Boston
with over 100 global companies  offering more than 1000 jobs.

* Chinese

Registrants to this site will gain free access to all new, updated job openings available to Chinese-English bilinguals.  Currently, they only have positions for students with Master of higher degree level with business or technical background.  Registrants receive new updates regarding upcoming Career Forums (Career Fairs).

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ESL (English as a Second Language)

USC - Websites for the College of Liberal Arts (English)
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to teaching English as a second language.

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American Association of Teachers of French
Link to resources and information about teaching French. 

Cultural Services of the French Embassy
This agency, which seeks to promote the French language and culture, coordinates 1500+ internships or travel grants in France every year for students (undergraduate and graduate).  Some require French language skills, others do not.  They span a variety of interest areas including private business, non-profit, research, laboratory work, teaching, and a variety of cultural areas such as photography or theatre.  Most are paid and many include insurance as well as covering travel and room and board.  Just click on ?education? and then look under ?higher education?.

Cadres Online
This page is written in French. You may conduct a job search for French-related careers or view the guide to French resumes.

* French-at-a-Touch
Great site for information about traveling to France and French culture.  Click on "Universities" to browse links about schools in France and other French-speaking countries.  There are also some links about teaching English in France as well as teaching assistant positions for Americans who are proficient in French.

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GENERAL (all languages)

Click on "jobs" for links to many job posting sites. Also provides information on programs of study.

The Modern Language Association
Excellent "must see" information on job market for this career. Now also has an "online job counseling" section under "job information list" with excellent advice on pursuing both academic and non-academic career paths. Subscribers may access up-to-date listings of jobs in both foreign language and English departments by field, language, or period; by geographic region; by key words or phrases in an ad; and by rank. (subscriptions start at $18 for a half year).  Other users may wish to use the MLA Language Map to determine locations and numbers of speakers of the thirty languages most commonly spoken in the United States.

Agora Language Market Place
Click on "language professional" and then "offers of employment" for job listings.

Europa Pages - International Language Job Centre
This web site includes both a jobs wanted and a jobs offered section. Jobs are for both English and other languages. Many of the jobs are teaching related.  

Register to this site for free and search jobs by language or by location, nationally and internationally. You may also post your resume to this site.

Joint National Committee for Languages
Fantastic list of member links that likely have information about jobs in their area.

* Organization of American States
The Organization of American States is the premier forum for issues involving countries in the Western Hemisphere.

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American Association of Teachers of German
Must be a member for certain job announcements, but browse the site for more information about teaching German.

The German-American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern United States

Use the membership information section to link to potential employers.  There are also a few internship information and job postings on this page.

German-American Chamber of Commerce in New York
Click on "career & recruitment" in the welcome message for advice as well as internship information and full- and part-time job openings.

Germany-USA Career Center
Looking for a position in U.S.-German business and/or bilingual opportunities?  Search this jobs database by country, city and even industry area. Registration is required but it is free.

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GOVERNMENT (Federal, State, & Local)

USC - Websites for the College of Liberal Arts (Political Science)
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to government-related opportunities.

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USC - Career Center - International Information, Opportunities & Teaching Abroad
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage. This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to international opportunities.

USC - Websites for the College of Liberal Arts (Political Science)
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage.  This page will link you to numerous sites pertaining to international opportunities.

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* American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Language
Use this site to learn more about teaching Russian. Also has a site for job listings.

REEI: Russian & East European Institute
Great site for both academic and non-academic job listings and internships related to the slavic language. There are also some neat tips about how to search for slavic-related openings.

The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce
Here you will find links related to business, internship, and employment opportunities.

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* American Sign Language Teachers Association
For those that consider sign language a foreign language, click on "employment" and gain additional information at this site and browse job postings.

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Good career information for those interested in this form of "interpretation".  Be sure to click on "interpreter training programs".

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American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese
Click on "Job Postings" for openings Jobs for Spanish and Portuguese Speakers
Fantastic site with links to hundreds of Spanish and Portuguese jobs by location/country or keyword. Search under categories such as administration, advertising, consulting services, creative services, customer service / support, education, engineer, software engineer, entry level, finance & accounting, health care, human resources, internships, legal, management, marketing, non profit, operations - logistics & distribution, operations - manufacturing, operations - purchasing / materials management, operations - quality, professional, public relations, and sales.

Latin American Studies Association
View employment opportunities (mostly professors) as well as accessing information about conferences and additional information on Latin American Studies.

Latin American Network Information Center
Locate important information about Latin American countries including relevant information about the economy, business, finance, trade, education, government, the humanities and more. 

After Latin American Studies: A Guide to Graduate Study and Employment for Latin Americanists

This 164 page online book covers such topics as graduate school in Latin American studies, as well as discussing career opportunities in the private sector (including banking, business and translating), teaching, planning and research, government, and international organizations.  Be sure to also see the listings of Latin American embassies and Latin-American Chambers of Commerce. These are excellent organizations for networking.

The Americas Society
Choose either ?The Americas Society? or ?Council of the Americas? (which is based in Argentina) ? both of which seek to promote the understanding of political, economic, and cultural issues that define and challenge the Americas today, from the Arctic Circle to the southernmost tip of Argentina.  Both pages have a ?career opportunities? section for postings within their own organization.   (See the site map.)

Enlace Career Resources
A joint project from Lanic, this job bank is dedicated exclusively to Latin Americans. You can submit your resume or search for positions in Latin America or with Latin America-related organizations, or visit Job and Employment Links for more helpful sites. Excellent site!
Post your resume on line, search job and internship listings, research company profiles.
Great site. Click on "career" to access full-time and internship listings. Positions do not necessarily require foreign language skills. You can also post your resume or receive e-mail notification for jobs that meet your interest.
Get information by subscribing to their newsletter, magazine, and enterprise.
Resource for hispanic and bilingual professionals.  Post your resume, search job postings, or access career advice. Positions do not necessarily require foreign language skills.

Hispanic Network Magazine
Provides job postings as well as information on career fairs.  Positions do not necessarily require foreign language skills.

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Information on Hispanic businesses in both the public and private sectors.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus?s goal is to develop leaders for the Latino community.  Good information for students on scholarships, internships, and fellowships.

Jobs in Spain
Click on ?import/export? for general information on business, a database of Spanish companies and a link to sites that post jobs in Spain.

USC - Career Center - Diversity
From another section of the University of South Carolina Career Center webpage. This page will link you to numerous sites for special populations, including a nice section for Hispanic/Latino.

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Institute of Translation and Interpreting
This association in the UK has a great section of handouts under "getting started" you can download.  Titles include: getting into translation, getting into interpreting, translation & interpreting courses, presenting yourself to work providers and to translation companies in particular, how to make money working freelance for translation companies, the translator's office, questions you need to ask yourself when undertaking a translation.

Access a very thorough list of translation related organizations, or click on "find a job" for links to subscribe to approximately 10 useful listservs where translation jobs are posted.
Click on "newcomers" for good career information on how to take the initial steps into interpreting and translation, job hunting advice, information on contracts, rates, and payments, and information on proposed codes of practice for translators and companies.  You can access job postings by subscribing to a few mailing lists.

* Linguist

On this site you can register as a translator and search for jobs.
Post your resume free of charge into a database of translators.  Click on "translators" to take part in on-line forums, subscribe to mailing lists or access articles on the translation profession.


Although there is a charge to access this website's database, other sections of this page offer resources for free. Be sure to click on ?more resources? to access a list of potential employers.
While not the easiest page to read, there is some very good information.  This site is dedicated to helping translators and linguists find work as freelancers.  You can subscribe to receive their free e-zine (e-mail magazine) and review back issues which include many useful articles.

American Translators Association
Information on translation and interpretation professions. Job postings are reserved for members only.  Student memberships are $50.  This association offers accreditation to translators and also provides information on their annual conference.  There is also a listing of regional/state affiliated chapters of this organization.

The American Association of Language Specialists
This association represents language specialists working at the international level, either at conferences or in permanent organizations, and determines their qualifications and standards.  It includes a membership of over 150 interpreters and translators based in many countries.  You may access a listing of interpreters and translators which may be useful for networking.

The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
NAJIT is a non-profit organization dedicated to the furtherance of the court interpreting and legal translation profession.   Through the web site you can access general information about the profession under "frequently asked questions about court interpreting".  You can also subscribe to mailing lists and access additional related links..  Members may add themselves the the directory. Student memberships are $40.

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USC - Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
The Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures at the University of South Carolina.  Gather important information related to a foreign language major including course descriptions.

USC - International Programs for Students
Information for USC students on studying abroad.  This is also a good office to connect with if you are interested in getting involved in peer programs working with inInformation for USC students on studying abroad.  This is also a good office to connect with if you are interested in getting involved in peer programs working with international students.

USC JobMate
Click on "USC JobMate" on the right of the page. Updated daily by the Career Center at USC. Lists full-time, part-time, summer, internship and graduate assistantship opportunities in different industries. Job descriptions include contact information.

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