Four-Year Student Plan

First year:

Second year:

Third year:

  • Maintain a strong GPA in your major coursework.
  • Pursue leadership roles in campus activities to enhance your “marketability” to employers.
  • Identify volunteer opportunities through the Office of Community Service Programs to increase your skills and gain experience.
  • Talk with a staff member about updating your resume and cover letter. Consider using Optimal Resume.
  • Sharpen your interviewing skills through a practice interview.
  • Attend fall and spring job fairs and begin networking for your senior year job search.
  • Continue forming positive relationships with professors and advisors.
  • Find out if graduate school is right for you and begin looking for programs that fit your career goals. Talk with a staff member to narrow your options and familiarize yourself with requirements and deadlines.
  • Prepare for graduate school by exploring research opportunities through the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  • Register for JobMate and set up your account.
  • If you have a Basic Access account in JobMate, upgrade to a Full Access account, post your resume, access campus interviews, and participate in resume referrals.
  • Be sure your JobMate Profile is current to maximize your referral opportunities.
  • Obtain an internship, co-op, or career-related experience to gain professional skills.

Fourth year: