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For a publication to run smoothly, staff members are not the only ones who need to get along. Advisers and editors need to work together as a team. This track will help advisers and editors learn to work together and communicate with one another while managing a staff. At times advisers will work with advisers, and editors will work with editors. At other times, all will work together. Among the topics covered: staff manuals, editorial leadership, organization, time management, team building, grades, editorials and other topics participants request. This track is a perfect way for both advisers and editors to learn how to lead individually and together as a unit.

A website is not just an online host for stories. Traditional broadcast is integrating more with web. This track will show you how to use the skills both broadcast and online publications employ. You will shoot and edit video, write stories and put projects together for both an online and television audiences. You can combine your online and broadcast staffs and skills easily by writing and recording for the ear and the eye - you just have to know how. ($25 lab fee)

Designers and photographers, not matter what publication they work on, guide each other and work as a unit to create a cohesive package. This track will combine photography and design skills to create eye-popping pages and spreads. You will take photographs, write cutlines, create designs and bring all these elements together for cohesive packages. ($25 lab fee)

Writing a story starts long before you type the first paragraph. It begins with notes, interview questions and ideas. Learn the process of interviewing - from crafting questions, observing your surroundings and using those answers to tell a story. This track will also teach you how to write different types of narratives. Whether a column, a feature, a news story, an editorial or a sports story, a writer has to know how to approach each style. This track will give you the skills to handle any type of story you need to write. When you leave, you will have mastered the writing process from interviewing to editing, from scribbled notes to finished product.

Getting your 2015 yearbook started and planned is the goal for this class. Participants will cover the entire yearbook process: theme development, coverage, ladder creation, design, photo selection, interviewing and writing. The instructor will also cover leadership skills - staff management, motivation and organization - as well as share tips to make the production of your yearbook painless. Working in a computer lab, participants will design pages and write at least one feature story. They will leave the workshop with a solid plan ready to implement when they return to school.

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