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CJI will return in 2016


Men and women will be housed on separate floors in the Marriott Courtyard hotel across the street from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications in the Coliseum. Men will not be allowed on women's floors and vice versa. Students requesting roommates will have their requests filled if at all possible. Middle school students will be placed in rooms together, if possible, and will be located near counselor rooms.

The CJI staff counselors will aid in security and will monitor each floor nightly, so participants can study and live comfortably with their neighbors.

All students will be required to be in the building by 10 p.m. Room checks at 11 p.m. will assist in keeping track of CJI participants. After room checks, participants will be able to mingle on their floors until midnight, at which time they must be in their rooms.

Commuters are welcome, although they tend to miss out on the overall spirit of the institute. Advisers who book their own hotel room at another hotel may also pay the commuter rate.

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The only meal included in the CJI tuition is the brunch held during the closing awards ceremony on Sunday. CJI participants are on their own for all other meals. There are other restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. Students should walk in groups when they go out to eat.

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For student safety, it is the Institute's policy that students not use or get into a vehicle while attending CJI unless it is an official university vehicle. CJI and the University of South Carolina are not responsible for any damage or theft of motor vehicles owned or operated by Institute participants. If students need to use their vehicle during the week, they must have submitted a parent request to the CJI office prior to the Institute.

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Registration will be from 4 - 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25 on the second floor of the Marriott Courtyard. CJI will officially begin with an opening session at 6:45 p.m. The Institute will conclude with an awards ceremony from 9 - 11 a.m. on Sunday, June 29.

Students will attend classes in the USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Classes will begin each morning at 8:45 a.m. and should be completed by 9:15 p.m. each evening.

Participants will have approximately two hours for lunch and two hours for dinner.

Participants should walk in groups when outside the hotel.

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If any participant has special circumstances, please contact our office as soon as possible. Such circumstances include special diets, special medications, disability which may require special attention or accommodations, etc. We cannot assure availability of appropriate accommodations without prior notice, preferably by June 1.

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Participants will be sent a confirmation letter by June 15. The confirmation letter will include directions to Columbia, a supply list, campus map, registration information and emergency phone numbers where parents/guardians may reach participants during the Institute. We will not confirm participants unless all information asked for on the registration form is complete.

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To register for CJI, complete the online student registration or online adviser registration. Please note cost information on the application, since different costs are incurred for various sections.

Once your complete registration is received, a confirmation notice will be mailed to you.

The registration early-bird deadline for CJI is May 18. A nonrefundable deposit of $100 for commuting participants and $150 for participants staying in the hotel is required by May 18. All registrations after May 18 must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit. A valid school purchase order may be substituted for this deposit. No credit cards please. The balance must be paid by the beginning of the workshop. Registrations that have not been secured by an appropriate deposit by June 15 will be cancelled. If a participant cancels a fully-paid registration prior to June 1, he or she will be entitled to a 50 percent refund. No refunds will be made after June 1. If unusual circumstances occur that force you to cancel, contact the Institute director immediately.

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  • Students are required to attend their scheduled classes. Instructors will take roll at the beginning each session. If a student is not in class, the staff counselor will report the absence immediately to the assistant director, who will call the parent if the student cannot be located. Excessive absences could result in dismissal from the Institute.
  • Students are not allowed to change assigned hotel rooms without prior approval from their staff counselor. Students must be in the building by 10 p.m., and must be in their rooms at 11 p.m. for room checks. Men are not allowed on the women's floor and vice versa. Violators of the same-gender rule will be sent home immediately.
  • Students must be considerate of other guests.
  • Students are prohibited from smoking and from possessing alcohol or other illegal substances while attending the Institute. Violators will be sent home immediately.
  • Students are responsible for any damage they cause to or loss of CJI property or equipment or USC property that they cause. Students will be charged for such damages.
  • Students are not allowed to use or get into any vehicle while attending the Institute unless it is an official university vehicle.
  • Students are responsible for complying with all applicable local, state and federal laws, and the rules and regulations of CJI and the University of South Carolina.
  • Students violating rules and regulation are subject to immediate dismissal from the Institute. If it becomes necessary to dismiss a student, registration fees will not be refunded, and the student will be responsible for the cost of returning home. A letter will be sent to the parent, adviser and school principal explaining the nature of the infraction and the action taken.

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Carolina Journalism Institute
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

Phone: 803.777.6284
Fax: 803.777.4103

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