About the program

The state of South Carolina has invested $64.5 million in South Carolina Education Lottery funds in the University of South Carolina through the South Carolina SmartStateTM Program, which was created by the General Assembly in 2002 to improve our state's economy.

In the decade since, the SmartStateTM Program has created more than 7,000 new jobs in South Carolina. And, it has attracted non-state investment of more than $1.2 BILLION - a greater than 6:1 return on investment on the $180 million appropriated from SC Education Lottery funds to support research at the state's three main research institutions.
The University of South Carolina has 17 SmartState Centers of Economic Excellence in which it is the lead research institution and 10 in which it is the collaborating institution. We have joint centers with Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina. Additional research partners are South Carolina State University and Coastal Carolina University.

Appropriated South Carolina Education Lottery funds and legislatively mandated matching non-state funds provide support for hiring world-class researchers who serve as endowed chairs of the centers. Since its inception, the SmartState Program has brought the knowledge and expertise of 43 world-class scientists to South Carolina.


The University of South Carolina currently has 18 SmartState endowed chairs:

  • Dr. Brian Benicewicz in Polymer Nanocomposites
  • Dr. Charles Bennett in Medication Safety Efficacy
  • Dr. Daniel Cacuci in Nuclear Science & Energy
  • Dr. Simon Hudson in Tourism Management and Economic Development
  • Dr. Stephen Kresovich in Marine Genomics
  • Dr. Jochen Lauterbach: in Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity
  • Dr. Jamie Lead in Environmental Nanoscience & Risk
  • Dr. Sue Levkoff in SmartHOME/SeniorSMARTTM
  • Dr. Martin Morad in Regenerative Medicine
  • Dr. Jay Moskowitz in Healthcare Quality
  • Dr. John Regalbuto in Catalysis for Renewable Fuels
  • Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Dr. Igor Roninson in Translational Cancer Therapeutics
  • Dr. Christopher Rorden in Brain Imaging
  • Dr. Rita Snyder in Clinical Effectiveness & Patient Safety
  • Dr. Souvik Sen in Stroke
  • Dr. Jeffery Twiss in Childhood Neurotherapeutics
  • Dr. Richard Webb in Nanostructures

Senior faculty members and a research team of junior faculty, research faculty, and graduate students support these endowed chairs.

The SmartState program brings together the brightest-minds and innovative technology to advance the quality of life for South Carolinians and the economy of our state. SmartState centers work to develop patents and products, commercialize technology, create new companies and jobs, and increase our state's per-capita income. Research in advanced materials, the health and life sciences, Future Fuels®, nanotechnology, and in the economic development aspects of tourism, one of our state’s largest industries, promise the creation of high-paying jobs in South Carolina.


The University of South Carolina's 27 SmartState Centers are: