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Classroom Response Systems (Clickers)

What is a Classroom Response System?

A Classroom response System is an instructional technology tool that promotes active learning in the classroom. Components of the system are a proprietary software application that is installed on the facilitator's computer, a wireless receiver, and hand-held transmitters, which resemble a television remote control. The transmitters allow students to respond individually to multiple choice or yes/no questions by pressing a button that corresponds to the intended answer. Answers are recorded and analyzed and can be displayed on the facilitator's computer screen. The CRS can be set in a known mode, which links responses to specific individuals, or in an anonymous mode.

What are the pedagogical benefits of using a Classroom Response System?
  • Creates a fun, interactive learning environment
  • Allows you to assess student comprehension of the material
  • Improves student attentiveness
  • Increases retention of the material covered in class
  • Encourages peer instruction in your lectures
  • Allows immediate feedback and reinforcement
  • Facilitates monitoring of students’ progress
  • Encourages participation of shy and withdrawn students
  • Provides a mechanism for 100% class participation

How does a Classroom Response System facilitate the mechanics of my teaching?
  • Provides an easy way to check attendance
  • Records student answers automatically
  • Provides prompt automatic grading of tests and quizzes
  • Allows anonymous polls and surveys
  • Displays immediate results of polls and survey
  • Permits gathering of data for reporting and/or analysis

How do I get started using a Classroom Response System?

Currently there is no university-wide system for using a Classroom response System. Each academic unit is responsible for purchasing the system. For consultations on recommended systems, costs and installation, contact Teaching and Technology Services at 803-777-6015.

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