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1. Online Workshops and Tutorials

These resources cover ten topics, including Active Learning with PowerPoint, Managing Conflict, and Writing your Teaching Philosophy. The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota shares these online workshops and tutorials, which include videos, text and additional resources.

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2. Papers and Notes on Teaching, Learning and Faculty Evaluation

In the IDEA Center Knowledge Base, practical and helpful advice is concisely presented in 45 IDEA Papers and 32 IDEA Notes. The advice is the result of valid and reliable research on teaching and learning. The IDEA Center is a nonprofit organization that serves colleges and universities committed to improving learning, teaching, and leadership performance.

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3. Solve a Teaching Problem in Three Steps

Step 1: Identify a PROBLEM you encounter in your teaching.

Step 2: Identify possible REASONS for the problem.

Step 3: Explore STRATEGIES to address the problem. Practical strategies to address teaching problems across the disciplines are provided by the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence at Carnegie Mellon University.

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4. Find a Course Portfolio

The Peer Review of Teaching Project includes a repository of over 330 course portfolios that are searchable by subject, most of which are open access. This project provides faculty with a structured and practical model that combines inquiry into the intellectual work of a course, careful investigation of student understanding and performance, and faculty reflection on teaching effectiveness.

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5. Creating Inclusive College Classrooms.

This is a very helpful guide from the University of Michigan on how to create a supportive, inclusive and encouraging classroom environment within a diverse university setting. The section on "Assumptions About Students’ Learning Behaviors and Capacities" is particularly good.

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