What will a Videostreaming course be like?

Lectures are available within 24 hours following the live class (if applicable) at the videostreaming Web site. Lectures remain online for three weeks. Some courses do not have links to the streamed video listed on the site, but the URLs will be provided by the instructor. The lectures are password protected to limit access to students enrolled in the course. Passwords are available from your instructor. Course may utilize Blackboard.

Internet and software requirements
To view the video files, you must have a high-speed Internet connection such as DSL, a corporate LAN, or a cable modem. Also, check your system software by following the steps below. In case of difficulty, visit the Having Trouble Web page for suggestions.

Windows Users: You must have the latest version of Windows Media Player software (free) installed on your computer. Is your Web browser software up to date? Check to make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Mac Users: Mac users should install Windows Media Components for QuickTime (free) by Flip4Mac. Is your Web browser software up to date? Check for the latest versions of Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Viewing and study times are determined by the student, but assignment and testing deadlines must be followed according to the instructor's schedule.

Attendance at USC Columbia sessions may be required. See the Distributed Learning course listing for more specific information about course requirements.

Refer to the Distributed Learning Course Guide for a list of all courses offered through distributed learning.

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