What will a Web course be like?

Courses on the Web are taught using one or more Internet components such as streaming video or Adobe Connect. The course may utilize Blackboard. Students must have access to the Internet. If the course is available by streaming video or Adobe Connect, students must have access to a high-speed Internet connection. More information will be provided by the instructor in the course syllabus.

Attendance at USC Columbia sessions may be required. Students may be required to take examinations at approved testing sites or USC Columbia.

Internet and software requirements
To view any videostreaming files (if required for your course), you must have a high-speed Internet connection such as DSL, a corporate LAN, or a cable modem. Visit the Getting Started page at UTS Media Services to check your system software and perform an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro connection test. In case of difficulty, visit the Having Trouble Web page for suggestions.

Refer to the Distributed Learning Course Guide for a list of all courses offered through distributed learning.

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