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New Lab Safety Start up Procedures

Welcome to USC. To get started setting up your new lab with the required safety programs, a group from Health and Safety would like to come and meet with you to assist in the process. Please complete the New Lab Start-up notice and return it to Jocelyn Locke. Once notification has been provided, an EHS representative will schedule an on-site visit to meet with you to discuss the applicable safety policies and procedures to ensure overall compliance.

All laboratories at USC require the following documentation:

  • Lab Safety training documentation - certificates will be issued for each training class attened. Copies of the certificates should be kept with the safety documentation. Please see the Safety Training Schedule.

Laboratories working with biological agents, rDNA or human blood products go to the Biosafety website for other requirements.

Laboratories working with radiation please go to the Radiation Safety website for other requirements.

Training Requirements (Safety Training Schedule)

  • Lab Safety - one time training class for all laboratory workers
  • Hazardous Waste- annual requirement for all laboratory worker who generate hazardous waste. Must attend the one live class then make take annual refresher on-line.
  • Biosafety- annual requirement for all workers in a Biosafety Level 2 laboratory.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens- annual requirement for all personnel working with human materials such as human blood, body fluids, or unfixed tissues.
  • Shipping Biological Materials - required at least every two years for anyone involved in the process of shipping biological materials