September 15, 2000


To: Dr. Sarah Wise, Secretary
Faculty Senate Office
Faculty House
USC Campus

From: William G. Jacoby, Chair

USC Committee on Curricula and Courses

Re: Annual Report of the Committee, 1999-2000


The USC Committee on Curricula and Courses reviewed and forwarded to the Faculty Senate for final action the following items, all of which were approved by that body:

New Courses: 85
Course Deletions: 50
Course Changes 72*
Experimental Courses: 3
Curriculum Changes: 20
May Session: 15
Cross-Listings: 21
New Major: 1
New Minor: 1

EECE course designator changed to ELCT (includes some prerequisite changes): 13

New CSCE course designator:
Courses created by changing the previous CSCI and EECE designators: 43 (note that this includes 5 title changes and 7 instances where one course replaces/combines two previous courses)
New Course: 1
Course Deletions: 17

* Changes involving course number, title, description, credit, and/or prerequisites.