Committee on Admissions
Annual Report 1999-2000



Elected: Charles Wilbanks, Sandra Kelly, Manton Matthews, Elizabeth Dickey, Jean Ann Linney

Appointed: Terry Davis (ex officio), Donald Greiner, Stephen McNeill, Jessica Kross, Ernest Wiggins, James Burns

Chair: Stephen McNeill

The committees meet 5 times during the academic year, reviewed 28 files, approved 19 for admission and denied 9.

The committee also approved new admissions criteria for the School of Business. The Faculty Senate passed the committee's recommendation.

The Allen Corbett was elected to serve beginning with 2000-2001 term. Alonoz Johnson was appointed to serve beginning with the 2000-2001 term. They replace Stephen McNeill (appointed) and Charles Wilbanks (elected) who have completed their terms.

Ernest Wiggins was elected chair for 2000/2001 term.