ANNUAL REPORT, 1999-2000

From somewhat humble beginnings and with the generosity of the University, the Faculty Club was founded in 1978 and given the use of the McCutchen House. The University of South Carolina is one of just a few universities that offers a faculty club. The Club was established in 1978 to provide the faculty members and administrative staff of the University a quiet, dignified and reasonably priced facility to meet colleagues, family and friends over a quick lunch, an elegant dinner or over a glass of one’s favorite beverage.

Over the past few years, the Club has struggled to maintain its goals as originally established. The current Board of Directors has taken a number of positive steps to regain these goals, including:

As alluded to above, the menus have been completely re-done. For dinner, the choices range from very reasonable sandwiches to prime steaks. For lunch,with the exception of the buffet (which is available only downstairs), the menu has been revised so that members can have the same menu upstairs as downstairs. Furthermore, the buffet has also been enhanced and now contains six-seven salads, three entrees, two vegetables, and the soup of the day. Dining for lunch or for dinner can now be done much more informally (and reasonably) upstairs. Or, for that special ocassion, you can still dress up and dine "gourmet style."

In addition to Mr. Branaman and Maxine Jennings (who continues as our Social Director), we are happy to have Kevin Drew as our new Director of Services and Doreen Higgins as our new Business Manager. We also want to express our great appreciation for all of our loyal employees who helped during the months of uncertainty and transition.

The Board members and officers for the 2000-2001 Academic year are:

Richard Conant (Music), Chairman
Sally Boyd (Continuing Education), Vice Chair
Carol Flake (Education), Secretary
John Finan (VP for Business and Finance/Appointed), Treasurer
Charles Jeffcoat (Director of Facilities Management/Appointed)
Ellen Moore (Darla Moore School of Business/Appointed)
Cathy Pike (Social Work)
Dave Whitener (Lawyer/Appointed)
James Bradley (Darla Moore School of Business)
Ben Franklin (English)

Bruce Dunlap (Chemistry) and Shirley Kuiper (Business) are rotating off the Board and we want to thank them for them invaluable service during this year of difficult decisions and transitions.

Your Board of Directors is excited and proud of the changes that are taking place at the Club. We ask for your continued support and ask that you encourage all faculty members and administrative staff to step forward and join our Club family and participate in one of the finest benefits we have here at U.S.C. Come often! Come Early—and stay late!!



Richard P. Conant
Board of Directors