Bookstores Committee

Annual Report 1999-2000


Members of the Faculty Senate Bookstore Committee for 1999-2000 were Bonnie Drewniany, Journalism; L. Clifton Fuhrman, Pharmacy, Chair; Jeanne Garane, French & Classics; Terry Wolfer, Social Work; Gary Geer Libraries & Information Systems (2002); and Sandra Tonnsen Education (2002).

The chair of the committee met with the Textbook Manager, Jennifer Brewer, late in the summer of 1999 to establish a liaison. The committee received only one complaint during the 1999-2000 academic year. The Spanish MIBS Coordinator concerning the ordering of textbooks during the summer of 1999 filed the complaint. The chair of the committee discussed the complaint with the complainant and with the Textbook manager. In addition, the complainant corresponded with the textbook manager, who responded with her explanation of how the problems had originated and would be rectified. She also expressed her desire to continue work on solving these types of problems and to strengthen the relationship between faculty, bookstore, and students. The chair also followed up with the complainant to discuss the outcome of these interactions and determine if the problem was resolved. Two members of the committee, L. Clifton Fuhrman and Bonnie Drewniany, completed their terms of service and were replaced by Jan Love, Department of Government and International Studies, and Robert Cannon, Department of Computer Science. Jeanne Garane is the new chair of the committee.

L. Clifton Fuhrman, Chair, 1999-2000