Faculty Budget Committee
1999-2000 Annual Report To the Senate
June 14, 2000

Activities of the Committee To-Date During Academic Year 1999-2000

  1. Reviewed the actual budget results for "A" Funds by units for the academic year 1998-99.
  2. Submitted ten recommendations to the Provost for improving the Guidelines for Preparing Strategic Plans by deans and department heads receiving "A" Funds.
  3. Reviewed the actual year-to-date budget results for "A" Funds by units as of December 31, 1999 for the academic year 1999-2000.
  4. Reviewed the applicable portions of the Proposed Changes to the Faculty Manual.
  5. Developed a list of relevant subject areas to be used by committee members in constructing potential questions to be used by a committee member during the annual strategic planning hearings.
  6. Two or more committee members were present for all annual strategic planning hearings conducted by the Provost with academic heads during March 2000.
  7. Reviewed the recommendations of the Provost to the President in regards to the current Strategic Plans of the Academic Units.
  8. The chairman of the committee or the chairman-elect and/or one other member of the committee was present for all budget hearings conducted by the President with division heads during May 2000
  9. A copy of the Proposed USC Budget for 2000-2001, dated June 7, 2000, as recommended to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees by the President was made available to each member of the Faculty Budget Committee on or about June 12, 2000.
  10. A subcommittee has begun to develop potential guidelines that can be used in allocating funds among academic units.
  11. A good dialogue with the Provost was maintained throughout the year.
  12. Communications with some persons related to the University Budget Process were improved during the year.

Recommendations of the Chairman

  1. Routine committee interaction with the Director of the Budget in the Division of Business and Finance is recommended in the future.
  2. Appropriate committee interaction with the President in regards to major budget decisions is recommended in the future.
  3. Committee interaction with the Board of Trustees and/or (an) appropriate committee(s) of the Board is recommended in the future.
  4. Improved financial reporting should be made available to the committee.
  5. The University should implement an appropriate method of cost accounting.
  6. An appropriate staff person should be assigned to the Faculty Budget Committee to provide a liaison to the various sources of budget information, analysis, planning and management.
  7. The entire strategic planning and budgeting process needs to be improved by system design, guidelines, communications, implementation, accountabilities, and discipline.
  8. More involvement by the Faculty in the entire process of reviewing, analyzing, planning and advisement to the decision-makers would be prudent.

Respectively submitted by
James B. Edwards
Faculty Budget Committee