Committee Members

Miriam Freeman Social Work (2000)
Michael Macan Libraries (2000)
Phillip Dunn Art (2000)
Bruce Konkle Journalism & Mass Communications (2001)
Sheryl Russell Nursing (2001)
Mike Welsh, Chair Education (2001)
James Hightower Medicine (2002)
Jamil Kahn Engineering (2002)
Cheryl Wissick Education (2002)


Cynthia Davis English (2000)
Jim Roberts Mathematics (2000)
John K. Adams Music (2001)
Ann Coker Public Health (2001)
Ann Swafford Retailing (2002)
Kathleen Kirasic Psychology (2002)
Donald Greiner, ex-officio Office of the Provost
Steve Adams, ex-officio Distance Education & Instructional Support

Faculty Teaching Seminars

Cynthia Davis, Jim Hightower, Michael Macan and Mike Welsh served on this subcommittee. These sessions focused on instructional strategies and were well attended by faculty members from USC-Columbia and other USC system campuses. The seminars were offered at different times of the day and at different sites on campus to make them accessible to more of the teaching faculty.

Topics and speakers were as follows:

October: Real Resources for the Virtual Classroom: Library and Instructional Support for Distance Education (October 20, 1999).
Brette Barclay, Reference Librarian; Nancy Hart, Manager for Advanced Instructional Media Lab; Vera Polyakova-Norwood, Instructional Developer.

November: Student Outcomes Assessment (November 16, 1999).
Donald Stowe, Chair Assessment Advisory Committee; Phil Moore, Director of Assessment; and Tiffany Abells, Institutional Planning and Analysis.

March: Using Blackboard for Course Websites (March 15, 2000).
Nancy Hart, Advanced Instructional Media Lab; Cheryl Wissick, Education; Donna Shannon, Library and Information Science; Phil Marshall, Business; and Eric Holt, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

April: 1999 Michael J. Mungo Teaching Award Recipients (April 25, 2000).
David Sumner, Mathematics; James Cutsinger, Religious Studies; Harry Ploehn, Chemical Engineering; and Vincent Van Brunt, Chemical Engineering.

Teaching Development Grants

Donald Greiner, Chair, Michael Macan, Ann Swafford, Jim Roberts, and Miriam Freeman served on this subcommittee which reviewed 34 proposals and awarded 23 faculty instructional development grants during the Fall and Spring semesters totaling $25,000.

Recipients of Fall grants were:
Laura Ahearn, Anthropology; Minuette Byers Floyd, art; Marilyn Chassie, Nursing; Brian Helmuth, Biological Sciences; Edwin Jones, Physics & Astronomy; Judith Kalb, Germanic, Slavic, and East Asian Languages; Therese M. Kuhs, Education; and Stephen F. Zdzinske, Music.

Recipients of Spring grants were:
Reginald Bain, Music; G. Nathan Carnes, Education; Xiaomin Deng, Engineering; Deborah Fowler, Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management; Rhonda Jeffries, Education; Robert Jesselson, Music; Van Kornegay, Journalism; Sadye Logan, Social Work; Jed Lyons, Engineering; William Richey, Liberal Arts; Virginia Scotchie, Liberal Arts; Dan Steible, Liberal Arts; Wendy Valerio, Music; David Wiles, Liberal Arts; and Kathleen Whitcomb, Darla Moore School of Business.

Mungo Teaching Awards

John Adams, Chair, Cynthia Davis, Ann Swafford, and Jamil Kahn served on this subcommittee and reviewed 16 nominations before recommending four faculty members to receive the Michael J. Mungo Teaching Award for 2000. Those selected were:

Bill Bearden, The Darla Moore School of Business
Christopher Berg, Music
Sandra Kelly, Psychology
Gail Wagner, Anthropology

Teaching Center Proposal and Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

The committee took no further action on these two proposals, but continues to maintain interest in seeing them move toward eventual implementation.

Classroom Enhancement

The committee met in the Jones Physical Science Center 002 for a demonstration of an enhanced classroom given by Steve Adams. To date, twenty-one lecture halls have been renovated and equipped with advanced presentation hardware. During the Fall, 1999 semester, 220 faculty members taught 242 sections of classes to about 23,000 students in enhanced classrooms.

Graduate Teaching Awards

The committee proposal for graduate teaching awards met with success when Mr. Michael J. Mungo committed $6,000 for three graduate teaching awards. Each award is for $2,000 and is limited to tenure-track faculty. The committee is formulating criteria to be used in the selection of graduate teaching award winners.

Audio-Visual Equipment in Classrooms

The committee recommended to the Provost that funds be allocated to place television-VCR packages permanently in strategic classrooms across campus. The Provost responded quickly and positively with funds to equip 35 classrooms with an additional 26 classrooms to be equipped in 2000.

This committee would like to express its thanks to Rhonda Filiatreault in the Provostís Office for her willing and expert assistance with the work of the committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Welsh, Chair