April 27, 2000


I. Call to Order


CHAIR CAROLINE STROBEL - I didnít bring my gavel today because it is fairly large and heavy. If the meeting could please come to order.

II. Correction and Approval of Minutes

CHAIR STROBEL - You have all received a copy of the minutes. Are there any additions or corrections to the printed minutes?

RICHARD CONANT - I believed we adjourned at 4:50 p.m. and not 3:50 p.m.

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you Richard. Are there any other corrections to the minutes? No I think we did adjourn at 3:50 p.m. and went into sort of a hearing, if you will, on the part of the Faculty Advisory Committee. Are there any other corrections to the minutes? If not, the minutes stand approved as printed.

III. Reports of Officers

CHAIR STROBEL - There are no reports of officers.

IV. Reports of Committees

A. Faculty Senate Steering Committee, Professor Sarah Wise, Secretary:

CHAIR STROBEL - There is no report. Sarah Wise is handing out handouts.

B. Committee on Curricula and Courses, Professor David Berube,

Acting Chair:

PROFESSOR BERUBE - There is an addendum to the curricula and courses report.

CHAIR STROBEL - If you have not gotten this addendum would you please raise your hand. Sarah Wise is passing it out.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - There are some more up front here.

CHAIR STROBEL - It is important that you all receive the addendum.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - We want to start with the addendum.

CHAIR STROBEL - Does everybody have the addendum?


PROFESSOR BERUBE - On the addendum section I. College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management from Administrative Information Management there are a series of new courses; change in prerequisites; change in title, prerequisites, and description; change in curriculum in the University Bulletin which goes on for about 5 pages. Now the committee has been contacted and it was suggested that we withdrawn this section until it can be reviewed by at least one more unit. And, so you have more time to examine it and since at the next meeting we can still get it into the new bulletin it should not be that problematic. On the last page of the addendum there is a new course from the Department of Physics and Astronomy. If you go to the bottom line where "Vector" is capitalized, make that a small "v." And, we want to move this motion.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any discussion on this motion?

PROFESSOR WALTER PIEGORSCH (STAT) - Are there any prerequisites to this? This is PHYS 515 we are looking at.

CHAIR STROBEL - If you could turn to page 31.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - That is the other location where PHYS 515 is referenced and it is referenced for a new course. There were no prerequisites specified for that specific course addition.

PROFESSOR CARL ROSENFELD (PHYS) - I believe there are prerequisites. My recollection is that it says that students in 515 have to get through PHYS 302 and Iím not sure about the 303 also.

CHAIR STROBEL - Since the department seems to be raising questions on this issue, possibly we should pull all these as well.

PROFESSOR ROSENFELD - Prerequisite is shown as now 242.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - That is the only one?

PROFESSOR ROSENFELD - Yes. I am looking at the course change proposal and it says that the prerequisite is now 242 which is certainly adequate for that course.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - So you would be putting in "Prereq: MATH 242?"

PROFESSOR ROSENFELD - Yes, and certainly a prerequisite for 516 would be 515.

PROFESSOR SHIRLEY KUIPER (BADM) - Shouldnít these have page references or something? I have no idea what page you are on.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - The problem with the addendum is that there are no page numbers.

CHAIR STROBEL - We are on the addendum, the last page and we are also looking at page 31 of the regular Faculty Agenda which also has some physics courses. The issue is the prerequisites and we are now adding "Prereq: MATH 242" to PHYS 515 which is on the last page of the addendum. Are there any other questions about this or comments? All in favor of this course? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - We are now on page 17 of the regular Faculty Agenda section I. The Darla Moore School of Business, Department of Economics some deletions, and a change in title and description. So move.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any discussion? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - On pages 18 and 19, College of Education, Department of Instruction and Teacher Education there are a series of deletions and new courses. Department of Special Education a change in title and description; and a change in title, prerequisites and description. If you would go to page 19 where it says "TO: EDEX 580." Go to the description, the third to the last line. It should now read "Öinstruction procedures when teaching reading," add the comma. And, there is also from the Department of Educational Psychology a change in prerequisites. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any discussion? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - On pages 20 and 21 from the College of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, you have change in prerequisites and change in curriculum. Then for Civil Engineering we have new courses. Go to ECIV 555 PRINCIPLES OF SOLID WASTE ENGINEERING and add (3) because that is how many credit hours it is.

PROFESSOR ADRIENNE COOPER (ECIV) - We were to make a couple of changes for the wording for that and they have not been submitted yet. So we would like to withdraw that course and resubmit later.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - So you are withdrawing ECIV 555?


PROFESSOR BERUBE - So on pages 20 and 21 changes go all the way down to the new course ECIV 499. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any other discussion? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - College of Liberal Arts we have on pages 21 to 25 all of the Department of Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Languages changes. First correction on page 21 where it says GERM 420 "GERMAN LITERATURE AND CULTURE OF THE MIDDLE AGES AND EARLY MODERN PERIOD."

Then where it says GERM 460 in the course description on the second to the last line after the "tion" get rid of the comma.

On page 22 where there is a change in GERM 210 go to the change and go to the bottom line of the change and it says "basic grammatical structures" it should say "basic grammar structures." That is so it is consistent to the 410 change that is coming up.

On page 23 where you have a change in GERM 311 we need to put an "R" in the word conversation in the title. So it is GERMAN CONVERSATION AND COMPOSITION.

On the bottom of page 25 where there are changes in curriculum in the column for degree requirements column item number 3. deleted and/or incorporated in 1. & 2., strike that out. That is not going into the catalog that is just an explanation. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any discussion?

PROFESSOR CHARLES MACK (ART) - Was "grammatical" changed to "grammar" in both 210 and 211?

PROFESSOR BERUBE - It is grammar in 410 on page 24. So just to be consistent it is saying "advanced grammar structures."

PROFESSOR HENRY PRICE (JOUR) - There is another "grammatical" in number 211 on page 24.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - On page 22 on the change for GERM 211 the same thing we need to get grammatical out. The second to the last sentence in the description should read "grammar structuresÖ" So moved.

PROFESSOR STROBEL - Do I hear any other discussion? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - On pages 26 to 27 we have the remainder of the changes for Liberal Arts. Starting with French and Classics go to CLAS 598 which is Classics of Western Literary Theory that is for 3 credit hours. So put a number 3 in there. Then we have GINT with a change in title; History with a new course; Linguistics with a new

course; Spanish, Italian and Portuguese with a new course, and the Womenís Studies course WOST 431 in the course description it should be: "Selected small actionÖ" The word small should start with a lower case s. Then there is the change in cross-listing for Theatre, Speech and Dance. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any discussion on this proposal? All in favor? Opposed. The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - Bottom of 27, IV. School of Music. There are some deletions and change in number, designator, title, and delete cross-listing. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Any discussion on these changes? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - Page 28, V. College of Pharmacy. We have a new course and change in curriculum in the University Bulletin. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Any discussion? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - VI. School of Public Health the top of page 29 has new courses. Go to where it says ENHS 680 and cross it out. That has been withdrawn. So we are only voting on ENHS 665.

CHAIR STROBEL - Any discussion? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - Page 29, 30, and 31 we get to the College of Science and Mathematics. On page 29 where the new courses are listed there is CHEM 623 where the course description says "Study of the chemical reactions" the next word should be and. Not just nd. On page 31 under PHYS 516 in the course description we should have a lower case where they have the word "orthogonal" and lower case where you have the word "integral." So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any discussion? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - And for information purposes we have May Session courses from the College of Liberal Arts - Department of Theatre, Speech and Dance; and Womenís Studies.

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you.

C. Faculty Advisory Committee, Professor Henry Price, Chair:

PROFESSOR PRICE - As confident as I am that weíd like to discuss some more things from Faculty Advisory, we have no report at this time.

CHAIR STROBEL - Again Henry I want to echo the sentiments that Charles already expressed, a warm felt thank you for a job that really has been a tremendous one this year. The committee was meeting on almost a weekly basis and I donít think you all realize the amount of work that went into these changes that we have passed. I think what we have ended up with now is a Faculty Manual that is much more readable and where you will be able to find the information you want to know a lot easier. The Faculty Manual is going to be reprinted. The Provost will see to that. So by fall we should have a new Faculty Manual as revised. The Welfare Committee has brought up the issue of what happens when changes are made. I think we can go ahead and put on the web in one spot any future changes that are made in the Faculty Manual so that they can be easily referenced into this new printing of the Faculty Manual. As I said at the Steering Committee meeting, "I donít believe there will be a major revision during the rest of my tenure here at the University of South Carolina." Hopefully this will last us for many years.

D. Faculty Welfare Committee, Professor Caroline Eastman, Chair:


E. Committee on Admissions, Professor Stephen McNeill, Chair:

CHAIR STROBEL - We have a small report in response to a question that was raised last month.

PROFESSOR MCNEILL - Right. At the last meeting one of the faculty senators raised a question about admissions especially in a personal situation. The first thing you need to understand is that there are basically two admissions. There is the undergraduate admissions that comes under our committee and then the graduate admissions which is under the graduate school and graduate council. So I can only address the undergraduate admission. I asked the Admissions Office to give me a report on what happens when a person applies before they are admitted. Typically it takes the Admissions Committee about 4 to 6 weeks to actually tell a student whether they have been accepted or not. When they receive the applications, they do inform the prospective student they have received their application so they know that it has been received. Then they try to process it within 6 weeks. There was a little bit of problem in November/December when they had a high turnover rate. It took a little bit longer than that but that was a one time thing. If a student is accepted, then that student is communicated with between 2 and 3 weeks from the time they have been accepted to the time they arrive here. There really doesnít seem to be a problem with a student not being communicated or departments not being told of somebody who was accepted in the undergraduate area. The graduate is a different animal and needs to be talked to by the graduate council.

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you. Does anybody have any questions to ask about this? Thank you very much.

F. Other Committees: None

V. Report of Secretary


VI. Unfinished Business

CHAIR STROBEL - There is none, I think.

VII. New Business

PROFESSOR CHARLES MACK (ART) - Iím sorry but what would a Faculty Senate meeting be without addressing parking issues. I have been asked to mention two aspects and perhaps the Parking Committee to take a look at them. One I was informed by someone who has an H sticker normally. I have an H sticker and Iím too cheap to get a garage space. But this person also has a garage reserve space and this person was informed that because he/she or she/he has a garage space they will no longer be able to receive an H sticker.

CHAIR STROBEL - That is correct.

PROFESSOR MACK - It seems to me there are two separate issues. One issues if one has enough money to get a garage sticker that is one thing but the H sticker, I thought, was a matter of University seniority. The problem here is the person moves around campus, leaves the garage and wants to have the same kind of license to hunt that I have. I think that issue needs to be addressed. It seems to be two distinct stickers involved.

CHAIR STROBEL - I think Richard has left. Caroline Eastman made an announcement in Steering concerning parking which I think will please all of you. And, that is this they are going to try and determine how many new faculty we have coming in and they are at least going to offer them garage parking space even if that means ousting students. I think that this is a big move forward regarding faculty parking. This may be an individual problem where this individual, rather than us trying to run through Faculty Senate, needs to go over to the new Parking Director to explain his situation. What they are trying to do, if you have a garage parking space then they are not going to also give you another sticker because very often those were going out to various people who didnít have a need to park in faculty parking. But if this individual has a need for both the garage space and an H sticker, Iím sure that if he would go over and explain his reasons that that probably could be adjusted right there.

PROFESSOR MACK - Excuse me, but that might affect a number of people. That is the only reason I brought it up here.

CHAIR STROBEL - I think that something like that is going to have to be decided on an individual case basis.

PROFESSOR CAROLINE EASTMAN (CSCE) - The Faculty Welfare Committee has considered this issue. This is one of the things we discussed with Derrick Huggins. We have heard numerous reports of abuses of dual stickers of which some have gone onto the black market or been given to friends and family members who are not otherwise entitled to stickers. This is really the only way to stop that. The parking people have no way to monitor two stickers being used at the same time by two different individuals in two different cars. This is the only way to stop that. And, the other is that allowing someone to have two valuable spots leads to underutilization. We donít have enough resources to go around to afford to give everyone two valuable spots.

PROFESSOR MACK - I will explain that to the individual.

CHAIR STROBEL - I also think that if there is a real need for that particular individual to have both stickers that probably an exception would be made. But their reason would certainly have to be a valid one.

PROFESSOR DON JORDAN (Transition Year - HRSM) - Can I say something about that too? Does this apply to G stickers as well? Or N stickers, orÖ.all stickers?

CHAIR STROBEL - All stickers.

PROFESSOR JORDAN - At the last meeting we were told that the reserved spaces were not being taken. So it seems like to me this is a deterrent for anyone to try and get a reserve spot if you are not going to have the access to the rest of campus. Especially when you move around.

CHAIR STROBEL - Well that is your choice. Faculty choose sometimes not to pay for the garage parking. So I think it is an individual faculty choice.

PROFESSOR MACK - Second point, a number of years ago in regards to parking there was an issue about the use of reserve parking spaces. Not paid. The use of reserve parking spaces on flat parking areas and, I think, the Faculty Senate requested that the policy of sort of an indiscriminate decimation of these reserve spots be looked at and restricted. I was told by someone that that restriction has now been kind of opened up and a variety of people are being awarded these reserve spots. Maybe that could be re-examined.

CHAIR STROBEL - Alright. Iíll refer that to the Welfare Committee and they canÖ.Caroline have you already looked into it?

PROFESSOR EASTMAN - This is another one of the things we discussed with Derrick Huggins. My impression from that discussion is that he would like very much to limit the number of reserved places allocated to a college to a smaller amount, possibly depending upon the size of the college since they are very disparate sizes. He has met with some opposition from deans. Incidentally as near as we can tell the Parking Committee is inoperative.

CHAIR STROBEL - I will look into that next year.

PROFESSOR PETER GRAHAM (SPTA) - I want to raise a little issue to the Senateís attention. We have on a couple of occasions talked a little bit about the prescription program and the health coverage program and the changes that have taken place. I think it is coming to roost to most people now, 4 months into the new year, that the prescription program is rather expensive for all of us. There are some people who donít have to use it and that is wonderful. There are others who have coverage from spouses who have other types of programs. I raised the issue today in Steering Committee with Welfare about that particular topic and was basically informed that that might not be top priority for faculty. I would suspect it is one of the top priority issues for most faculty members. What it amounts to right now is a pay cut with the prescription program. I understand that there may be a 20% increase in the cost of coverage for next year, which we will not bear directly but somehow we are going to bear it. The question is what types of services are they going to take away from us as they have been reducing services. I would like, and I am not a member of the Senate, but I would like a member of the Senate if possible to direct to the Welfare Committee that this is of primary importance to faculty. We ought to be investigating these issues extremely fast. Decisions are being made. We can not change those decision unilaterally but certainly we can join with other state employee groups to find out what is going on, what the processes are, who is involved and what types of changes are being contemplated. These things will effect us not just today but for years to come and I think it is of paramount importance and I would like to see the Senate act on this.

CHAIR STROBEL - I have already directed the Welfare Committee that that be their number one priority; that they look into it.

VIII. Good of the Order

IX. Announcements

Leigh-Anne Travers (Student Government) - I will no longer be your Faculty Senate Liaison. It has been an honor and a privilege to attend these meetings. I have gleamed many interesting facts that most students wouldnít get the opportunity to hear. Now I would like to introduce you to my esteemed colleague Melissa Fletcher. She is the new Student President Pro Tem and Faculty Senate Liaison. I hope you make her feel as welcome as I have felt. Thank you.

Melissa Fletcher (Student Government) - I am the new President Pro Tem person and I am very honored to be the liaison for Faculty Senate. If you ever have any questions related to student government, as to what we are doing, please feel free to contact me in the Student Government Office. Thank you.

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you very much. With that the meeting is adjourned.