September 5, 2000


I. Call to Order

CHAIR CAROLINE STROBEL - I would like to get the Faculty Senate meeting started. Could you tell the people out there we are going to get started David, please? Thank you. If the senators could please sit in these two middle sections, and anybody who is not a senator sit on the two very far side sections. We are just doing this so we can tell who is voting and who isnít voting. I would like to call the meeting to order.

II. Correction and Approval of Minutes

CHAIR STROBEL - You all have received a copy of the minutes. Are there any additions or corrections to the minutes as written? If not, the minutes stand approved.

III. Reports of Officers

CHAIR STROBEL - President Palms has already given his report.


Madame Chair, I think I can do mine from right here. My report is basically that that was given in the General Faculty Meeting. Next month I will report on the enhanced classrooms that we were able to do this summer.

I would point out something that is really, really disappointing I think. We had a number of pieces of equipment stolen this weekend even though we had tried to have these secured in such a way to make that very difficult. And, I would simply ask that the faculty take every precaution, if you would, to try to ensure that equipment stays in those classrooms.

IV. Reports of Committees

A. Faculty Senate Steering Committee, Professor Sarah Wise, Secretary:

CHAIR STROBEL - Professor Wise is unable to be with us today. In her absence I would like to give her report. This is the first Faculty Senate meeting of the academic year and Iíd like to remind all of you to be sure to sign in and let the regional campus senators know that you must call in order to be recorded as being present at this meeting. The number is 777-6073. If you are a regional campus senator, you should call that number to record your presence in the closed circuit Faculty Senate meeting on the day of the meeting. 888-531-0685 is the toll-free number regional campus senators may call in order to speak directly at a meeting while it is in session. There is one incoming line, so, please be patient if it is busy. Your call is important and will be switched to a PA system so everyone can here your input. Also, this is the number to call if a quorum is being called for, but you still need to call 777-6073 to report your attendance at the meeting.

It is very important that you do have your attendance recorded. As in the past, I intend to send on a monthly basis letters to the deans of your respective colleges if you are not present at the meeting. I think that this helps to insure a good attendance. And, if we donít have a quorum we cannot conduct business. It is fairly important because we do conduct business at each of our meetings.

B. Committee on Curricula and Courses, Professor David Berube, Chair:

PROFESSOR BERUBE - It starts on page 13, I. College of Business Administration - School of Accounting. We have a new course, a deletion, and changes in prerequisites. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any questions? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - II. College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management has a changes in designators for the departments. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Any questions? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - III. College of Liberal Arts - Department of English we have a new course and a series of deletions. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any questions? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - IV. College of Nursing a change in prerequisites. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Any questions? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - V. College of Science and Mathematics from the Department of Biological Sciences we have a change in the University Bulletin and from the Department of Physics & Astronomy changes in credit hours. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any questions? All in favor? Opposed? The ayes have it. Thank you David.

C. Faculty Advisory Committee, Professor Robert Wilcox, Chair:

PROFESSOR WILCOX - We have no report other than that we will be meeting next Wednesday (September 13) in McCutcheon House so this is public notice of our meeting. If you have anything that needs to come before the committee, let me know by then.


D. Faculty Welfare Committee, Professor Jerald Wallulis, Chair:

PROFESSOR WALLULIS - I am happy to report on one positive change in our overall benefits package for this year. You are aware, it is not signed into law, that we will have the option for 28 year retirement. I want to be very specific and give information that I think is necessary for all faculty to know. We will also try to take steps to make certain that each individual faculty person is notified by letter. In your USC Times issue dated August 24, I will simply read the relative paragraphs which involve buying time. And, the important thing to note is although we can now retire earlier, it will become more expensive to buy time in several cases. Reading here it says: "Increased rates for the purchase of other service credit which non-member service purchases will increase from 6 percent to 16 percent after January 1st." Also increasing after January 1st will be the purchase of other types of service: federal, municipal, military from 12 to 16 percent of ones current salary or the highest salary during an employment. So after January 1st it will cost more money to buy time from if you had passed military service, or you took pregnancy leave or something of this nature, or you worked for the city. It could also be credit from being a teaching assistant at another state university outside of this state. That would be another possible purchase. It will become more expensive. What you have to do, is you have to request service purchases before December 31 in order to be able to pay at the old rates until June 30, 2001. So I encourage you as representatives to inform other members of your faculty of this change and that we take advantage of the overall benefit but also make certain that you purchase time during this grace period. There is information about the new legislation that has been posted at the USC Human Resources web site. The retirement changes are explained there, meetings (starting I believe today) explain the changes, and there will be a special meeting for those eligible in 2001 on the morning and afternoon of September 6th and 7th. So that is one important feature we wish to alert the faculty about.

We also want to announce that we are going to be carrying out the most comprehensive faculty survey that has ever been done. It fits on two sides of one legal sheet of paper. We believe that will take 15 to 20 minutes. It has been the result of faculty input and focus group meetings at Faculty Club in January 2000. We have deferred the survey until this academic year because of the Information Technology Survey. We hope to have it sent out as early as the end of this week. We would ask you to send results by the first week of October (if everything works out well with publishing and all that). We strongly encourage your support and that you encourage other faculty so that we can get a strong response. This will give us a better picture of general faculty attitudes about important issues in faculty welfare and professional life in general. So if you could also support and give us good buzz this we would appreciate it greatly. Any questions? Thank you.

E. Committee on Admissions, Professor Ernest Wiggins, Chair:

CHAIR STROBEL - He is not here so there is no report.

F. Committee on Scholastic Standards and Petitions, Professor Gary Reeves, Chair:

CHAIR STROBEL - No report.

G. Other Committee Reports:

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any other committee reports at this time?

V. Report of the Secretary

CHAIR STROBEL - As I announced earlier, the Secretary - Professor Sarah Wise, was unable to be with us today. Her report would have been to announce that it is time to be nominating a chair-elect of the Faculty Senate and a new secretary-elect for the Faculty Senate. And, I would first of all like to open nominations for chair-elect.

PROFESSOR DAVID BERUBE - I nominate Professor Robert Wilcox.

CHAIR STROBEL - Are there any other nominations? Alright we will move to nominations for secretary.

PROFESSOR JERALD WALLULIS - I wish to place in nomination, Professor William Jacoby of the Department of Government and International Studies.

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you. Are there any further nominations? Nominations will remain open until the October 4th Faculty Senate meeting at which time nominations will be closed and we will vote on the candidates for these two positions.

VI. Unfinished Business

CHAIR STROBEL - I would like to report regarding parking, that I will be appointing within the next few days an ad hoc committee on parking which will be broadly representative including assistant and associate professors as well as professors. I hope to make sure that we are covering all sections of the campus to assure that all parking problems will be covered. This committee will work on an advisory basis, with our new director of parking, in helping as he formulates the new parking plan for the university to assure that the faculty interests are all well represented. If anyone has any suggestions for people I might appoint to this committee, please provide me through e-mail the name of the individual. I will, hopefully, have this committee up and going within about the next 10 days.

VII. New Business


VIII. Good of the Order

PROFESSOR DOROTHY DISTERHEFT (ENGL) - It has come to the attention of a number of us in English that the campus post office has a new policy on delivering packages to our offices. I phoned them when I heard about it and they told me they will no longer be delivering packages of a personal nature to our offices. And, we in the English Department are very concerned about this because we have trouble visualizing people in the post office making decisions about what is of a personal nature and what is not. Something might look personal if it comes from somebodyís home address but it might actually be a manuscript of a book that we are being sent to review for instance. And, there are many other such things like this we can all think of. So we have great trouble thinking about all the packages that might be returned. Secondly there are some people on campus who are really captives of their departments from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. or 8 p.m. even and they simply cannot be at home to sign for personal packages and they need to be delivered to the offices unless we are going to allow staff people to go home and stay there and wait to receive a package and sign for it. So there are logistical problems involved in this. We would like to refer this to the appropriate faculty committee to take a look at this new policy of the campus post office and perhaps negotiate something that is reasonable.

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you for bringing that to our attention. Normally I would assign it to the Welfare Committee. But I think the Welfare Committee has a lot to do this fall because we are very concerned about the changes in both the pension plan and the changes that we have ahead of us with regard to health benefits, so I hate to do that to them right now. I think I will refer it to Faculty Advisory which at the moment is not busy, let them look into it. Is there anything else for the good of the order?

IX. Announcements


CHAIR STROBEL - Is there a motion to adjourn? The meeting is adjourned.