NOVEMBER 1, 2000



I. Call to Order.

CHAIR STROBEL - I would like to call the meeting to order.

II. Correction and Approval of Minutes.

CHAIR STROBEL - You have all received a copy of the minutes. Are there any additions or corrections? The minutes stand approved as printed.

III. Reports of Officers.

CHAIR STROBEL - Report of Officers - President Palms.


I will try to be brief. We have a new chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Mack Whittle, the president of Carolina First Bank. The board had a two-day retreat to discuss many issues that pertain to the University and the Columbia campus. Then, we worked together using data and strategic plans from the deans shared by your distinguished provost to address these issues. The board adopted a set of goals for the year 2005, assuming the economy keeps going the way it is. I have that as a handout, and I would like to go through it quickly.

I also want to congratulate the School of Public Health. Yesterday, we held press conferences in Greenville and here on this campus. This morning, the front page of the newspaper featured these $8.3 million major grants to study health problems that are particular to the state. This is just a wonderful tribute to the quality of the faculty and the initiative they have taken in that school. Give them a round of applause.

In addition, I want you to know that after a tremendous effort by Lyles Glenn from my office, the City Council has approved the crosswalks we proposed to help make the Fitness and Wellness Center safer and easier to access. These are beautiful crosswalks that will cross Assembly and Blossom Streets, linking the campus together. They are beautifully designed and architecturally favorable to the city. The Councilís approval (that required two readings) is important for USC.

The retreat also addressed the Board of Trusteesí responsibility in the SACS Self-Study. The SACS committee is coming to the campus and will most likely call the trustees and ask them how familiar they are with all of the different tasks that have to be done and the "must" statements. We have the board members involved, and they are going to stay involved.

That briefly is what I really wanted to address with you today. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have on any issue or matter.

PROFESSOR CAROLINE EASTMAN - (CSCE) - Could you comment on the University's plans involving plans for the proposed research park constructed in a flood plain? Many of us are supportive of the idea of a research park but would have concerns about what we see in the newspaper and elsewhere about the possible location.

PRESIDENT PALMS - There have been discussions with the developers about that development plan and the effect it might have on the University. Because land around this campus is becoming so expensive, we are trying to think 20-25 years down the road. Participating in a research park would certainly benefit us. We have had many discussions with the Corps of Engineers, as you know, about what is the flood plain. Weíve stayed out of what kind of damming would be necessary, so when these issues are settled, we can engage in a serious discussion about this opportunity with our Vice President for Research and the Provost and myself. It looks like a good opportunity if they can solve that problem. That is all that we know at the time. Thank you very much, Madam Chairman.

CHAIR STROBEL - The Provost.


Thank you, Madam Chair. Just a couple of brief things. This could be the last meeting that I have to stand up here and talk about deans searches. I canít believe that can be the case that we could have all our deans positions filled. We have tomorrow the third of the candidates for the dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications visiting. The President and I have a meeting scheduled with the search committee after that. I hope that we will have that search concluded and the position filled very shortly.

Let me congratulate someone. We had one Carolina Distinguished Professorship open this year. We had some extremely strong nominations from the colleges, but the newest Carolina Distinguished Professor is Susan Cutter who is in the Department of Geography in the College of Liberal Arts.

I have several announcements that I would like to make that I am not able to make yet coming out of our Office of Fellowships and Summer Programs. At this point I should tell you some good things are happening in that office and once we have permission from some people to make some announcements, I will be happy to make them. Our students are doing very well and you will be very pleased.

We are getting a number of questions from faculty about the TERI Program, this retirement program that has been passed by the legislature and not signed yet by the governor. But there are a lot of ramifications for the university in that and our Benefits and Human Resources folks are working very hard to answer anyoneís question that is also clearly on the minds of folks on the Faculty Welfare Committee. I urge you to try find out as much as possible if you are thinking about that at all.

My final announcement has to do with a subject that has been talked about here on a number of occasions and that is the Child Development Center. A number of us met with the PTO of current parents of the Child Development Center this week. The university through its Development Foundation is currently exploring plans with the private sector (Gateway Academy) for a partnership where a building would be built on Blossom near the tennis courts. A new Child Development Center would be governed by a board made up of many different segments in the university. I want to stress that this is still very tentative. Plans are looking positive at this time. I have to thank Dr. Susie Van Huss who is the director of the Development Foundation and the Real Estate Committee of that Foundation for their help. I will continue to keep you advised about that. That's all I have but I will be happy to answer any questions that I can.

Thank you very much.

IV. Reports of Committees.

A. Faculty Senate Steering Committee, Professor Sarah Wise, Secretary:

PROFESSOR WISE - I want to thank the senators for their support in my election to Secretary of the Senate.

B. Committee on Curricula and Courses, Professor David Berube, Chair:

PROFESSOR BERUBE - There is an addendum. You should have received one. If you havenít, they are here. There are experimental courses and a Maymester course both of which we are just reporting.

We start on page 19, Roman I., College of Liberal Arts, Department of Religious Studies. There are four deletions. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any discussion? All in favor. Ayes. Opposed. The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - II. School of Music, two deletions and a change in number, credit and description. If you go to the bottom of the page "TO: MUSC 540, we want to put a hyphen between the words Computer-Music in the title as well as a hyphen between computer and music in the description. So moved.

CHAIRMAN STROBEL - Any discussion?

PROFESSOR MARCO VALTORTA (CSCE) - I am saying this again but this is absurd. The first hyphen shouldnít be there in the title. Last time kindly a linguist backed me up. Is there anybody here who would be more of an authority than I?

PROFESSOR BERUBE - Well, there are two nouns there and there is a hyphen in that instance. Computer is still not a verb. Computerized might be.

PROFESSOR EASTMAN - We see computer X all over the place and there is almost never a hyphen. It is just not how it is stated. Is there someone here from music?

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there someone here from music?

PROFESSOR EASTMAN - Is the hyphen used in your field - in the School of Music?


CHAIR STROBEL - Please identify yourself.

UNIDENTIFIED SENATOR - The hyphen comes from us. It didnít come from me.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - From what I checked it looks like computer mediated or computerized. You donít need the hyphen.

UNIDENTIFIED SENATOR - If it is the will of the body, I really donít care.

CHAIR STROBEL - What is the pleasure of the group? Do I hear a motion to amend the motion? Do I hear an amendment to the motion?



CHAIR STROBEL - Alright there has been a motion and a second to remove the hyphen from the title and the description of the course. Any further discussion?

PROFESSOR HENRY PRICE (JOUR) - I think they are correct in removing the hyphen in the title but it should be in the description however. I think the motion was to remove both of them.

PROFESSOR VALTORTA - No, just from the title.

CHAIR STROBEL - If the motion is just to remove it from the title, then I misunderstand the motion. I will repeat the amendment. The amendment is to remove the hyphen from the title but not from the description of the course. Is there any further discussion? All in favor. Ayes. Opposed Okay we will now go to the issue of the course. Is there any further discussion of the merits of this course? All in favor. Aye. Opposed. The ayes have it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - III. College of Science and Mathematics - a new course - STAT 530. There was a sentence that was left out prior to the description and it should read "Introduction to fundamental ideas in multivariate statistics using case studies." Then you go to the description that is already printed. So moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Is there any discussion on this course? All in favor. Aye. Opposed. The ayes have it. Are you going to talk about your addendum?

PROFESSOR BERUBE - Oh, Iím sorry. Addendum, Department of Philosophy, there are three experimental courses, PHIL 319X, 527X, 535X and a Maymester course PHIL 334M.

CHAIR STROBEL - Thank you.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - I think we have to rule on the Maymester course.

CHAIR STROBEL - We have to rule on the Maymester course. Do we have to approve it?

PROFESSOR BERUBE - Yes. It has to be approved, I think. Experimental courses donít. They are just reported for the good of the body. I think the Maymester course has to be moved.

CHAIR STROBEL - Oh, you would wish to move it.

PROFESSOR BERUBE - I would move PHIL 334M.

CHAIR STROBEL - All in favor. Aye. Opposed. The ayes have it. Thank you.

PROFESSOR DANIEL FELDMAN (BADM) - On the handout, you might want to change the spelling on "sceptical." On line one.

CHAIR STROBEL - You are right there is a misprint there. Hopefully that will be corrected.

PEGGY PICKELS (Secretary of Faculty Senate Office) - It can be spelled either way.

CHAIR STROBEL - It can be spelled either way. Well, hopefully that will get sorted out before the schedule.

C. Faculty Advisory Committee, Professor Rob Wilcox, Chair

No report.

D. Faculty Welfare Committee, Professor Jerald Wallulis, Chair:

PROFESSOR WALLULIS - We distributed an e-mail message to everyone informing them of the flu shot program. I hope you received your message. The flu shot program is part of the general benefits program that comes from the Faculty Enrichment Program giving to the Family Fund. We certainly continue to encourage that. We are going to look for other avenues as well. One avenue we may also support will be certain forms of wellness programs. If you have any expression of interest about that possibility, you could also inform us.

Also continuing with our survey, it is now being encoded. We have an official rate of 45% return which we consider very good. We hope to report the results of that in the month of January. We also have been in communication with the Provost about the TERI Retirement Program. Please inform us of any issues that you want us to consider. We are trying to work for a statement of the exact implications of the program from both the Processing and Benefits and from the Administration so that we will have those guidelines for the faculty to use in making retirement decisions. And, I think that is the report.

PROFESSOR LISLE MITCHELL (GEOG) - It is my understanding that the TERI Program had a deadline date that comes up sometime in December.

PROFESSOR WALLULIS - Okay first of all we are dealing with certain difficulties. It has not yet been signed into law. So it is hard to talk about a deadline date but we are certainly anticipating that it will be signed into law. The deadline that we sent out in our first e-mail message concerned the purchasing of time. Concerning that deadline, we strongly continue to encourage all faculty that wish to purchase time for any reason to do so before December 31st. This is a reminder. What is happening is that purchasing time is going to be more costly the start of January 1st; and also you donít need to have actually purchased the time, you have to commit to a program for purchasing the time. And, there will be a grace period. So that was our first e-mail message and we continue to recommend to faculty that you definitely do make time purchases before the end of December.

PROFESSOR ROBERT LYON (ART) - I am not getting your e-mails and my esteemed colleague here in Psychology is not getting them either. Could you review a little bit about what the story is with the flu shots?

PROFESSOR WALLULIS - We supported flu shots last year in a rather modest number (I can give exact numbers). Due to the larger amount of money from the Faculty Enrichment Program, we are supporting 300 flu shots, a far larger number. It is on a first come, first serve basis. I was informed that there was only a limited number of flu shots now in the Health Center of about 500. In November (around the 20th) a much larger basis of flu shots will be given and then again that will be on a first come, first serve basis. I was originally also informed that first 500 should be used by high risk cases. I have since heard that is not necessarily the case but I am trying to work from the information I was given by the Health Center.

PROFESSOR LYON - Are the shots currently available?

PROFESSOR WALLULIS - Yes, but there is a limited number that could run out within a week or so. So definitely first come, first serve in that regard.

CHAIR STROBEL - Might I say on the flu shot, I went and got mine yesterday. I am not in the high risk group. There were others there not in the high risk group getting their shots. And, I strongly encourage all of you to go (although I donít know how many they have there; it didnít seem to be a problem). I think the second batch, a much larger batch, is coming in in this month.

PROFESSOR WALLULIS - Yes. November 20th.

CHAIR STROBEL - So there will be plenty of vaccine for everybody but this again is a benefit that you have supplied yourselves through your donations to the Faculty Enrichment Fund. So please do take advantage of it.

PROVOST ODOM - Madam Chair, I have written out that Art and Psychology are not getting these e-mails. These are coming from the Provostís Office so if there are other units on campus that are not receiving these if you could e-mail John Olsgaard in my office we could check to see why that is not going to everybody. Because this was supposed to go to everybody on the faculty.

PROFESSOR WALLULIS - Thank you. Inform us too if you are getting messages because we are trying to use this as a way to be in better communication with the faculty on issues that affect welfare.

CHAIR STROBEL - What we are doing as items come up which are of importance to the faculty through an approval process we are trying to disseminate them via e-mail to every faculty member. Lots of times you donít read the communications that come out. You are busy and put them in the trash can or they sometimes get buried in the midst of other communications. So what we are trying to do is limit these communications to something that is very important for a faculty member to know. But to make sure that all of you know when things like the TERRY Retirement Plan with the deadlines that are going to be important (and I think you will probably hear more about that later as this think moves along) as well as the flu shot availability for faculty. So we will be continuing to do that but if you are not getting a notice, be sure and let John Olsgaard in the Provostís Office know because everything is cleared and goes out that office.

PROFESSOR DAN BARRON (SACS REACCREDITATION) - A piece of information related to this I would like to point out that we have identified 13 different e-mail systems on the campus. One college has 4 separate e-mail systems on 4 separate servers. So that could be the problem.

E. Committee on Admissions, Professor Manton Matthews, Chair:

CHAIR STROBEL - There is no report today but I have requested that the Chair of the Committee on Admissions make a report at the next Faculty Senate Meeting concerning Fall admissions.

F. Committee on Scholastic Standards and Petitions, Professor Gary Reeves, Chair:

No Report.

G. University Athletics Advisory Committee, Professor Peter Graham, Chair:

PROFESSOR GRAHAM - I am pleased once again to come back to this body to report the findings of Barbara Blaney (Registrar) who met with us at our last meeting. The Registrar reported to us the academic progress of our athletic teams in Spring Semester 2000. It was very encouraging. Overall USC students grade points were 2.898 and for athletes 2.834. Which again pretty much goes to dispel the myth that there is a difference between student athletes and just students. Our athletes are doing very, very well. On a couple of teams that we had some past concern about in terms of their grade points, they have risen significantly. And, I am just so pleased to bring this to your attention. I think the athletes themselves have done a wonderful job. Young men and women who have not only been performing in the classroom but in the fields of contest, the coaches, and the academic support service. Again, if you see these people, congratulate them for what they are doing.

I would also like to bring to your attention that a week ago Tuesday, Lou Holtz had a lunch for the faculty. And, many of you I think should have received invitations to that. Unfortunately, I had to be out of town and missed it. But there were 100 plus faculty members that did meet with Lou down at Seawellís. They had a nice lunch and listened to Lou talk about the role of faculty, the role of students, and how to deal with students and so on from his perspective. We are going to try and have additional meetings of this nature possibly in the Student Union Building or elsewhere on campus. And, when these invitations do come up, Iíd encourage each and every one of you to take the opportunity to meet with the members of the Athletic Department and to find out what they are doing and how we can work together. We are one community, we have one goal in mind and I think with everybody pulling together will achieve greater success than we have right now. We are doing well now, we can do better in the future.

Thank you.

CHAIR STROBEL - I would like to add my encouragement to all of you to attend the next one. I went last Tuesday and I found it very worthwhile and certainly worth the time that it took me to go. Lou Holtz is an excellent speaker and he had much to say that could have been taken to heart by every faculty member on campus. Are there any other committee reports?

V. Report of Secretary, Professor Sarah Wise:

No Report.

VI. Unfinished Business.


VII. New Business.


VIII. Good of the Order.

PROFESSOR RICHARD CONANT (MUSC) - I would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Palms for a nice party last Wednesday. I enjoyed it too much.

PROFESSOR EDWARD BODIE (ENGL) - I have been requested by some members of the English Department and I believe to some extent also by English Departmentís Faculty Advisory Committee to ask if anything can be done about conditions that interfere with teaching on the campus such as washing windows outside classrooms that are in use and likewise cutting grass and power blowers outside classrooms in use. I believe there have been some questions about VCRís that have been removed but not returned to classrooms. I think those have now been returned I heard.

CHAIR STROBEL - Yes, I think there were a number of robberies of VCR equipment and I think the equipment has now been replaced. That was a very big problem this fall. As to the noise and so forth from maintenance activities, I am not certain what can be done about that. President Palms says he will bring it to the appropriate peopleís attention to see what can be done. Is there any other good of the order?

IX. Announcements.


CHAIR STROBEL - I declare the meeting adjourned.

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