Committee on Admissions
Annual Report for 2000-2001
August 15, 2001
Manton Matthews
Statistical Data, Fall 2000 and Prior (.pdf )

The administration set a goal of having a freshman class of around 3000 students for Fall 2001. The aim was to do this without any drop off in quality. It appears that we will be successful on the numbers and almost on the quality goal. Final numbers for Fall 2001 are not in yet, but it is expected that the freshman class will be above 3000 and that the average SAT score for Fall 2001 will be very close to but slightly lower than 1128, the average for Fall 2000.

The admissions committee met eight times throughout the year to discuss admissions policies, procedures and exceptions to the admissions. There were 98 files that were individually reviewed by the committee. Of these 91 were approved and 7 were declined. The majority of these approvals were out of state students that had SAT scores above 1100 and fulfilled admissions requirements except that they were missing the third lab science beyond Biology and Chemistry.

The committee ruled on the following policy and procedural matters:

  1. The committee approved the continuation of the admission requirements for the Program for Accelerated College Education (PACE) program that were already in use. Wording was also approved for inclusion in the Undergraduate Bulletin. The requirements are a cumulative "B" average, or a minimum score of 110 on the PSAT or a score of 1100 on the SAT. This passed the faculty Senate on May 3.
  2. The committee voted to allow the Director of Admissions to make exceptions on behalf of the admissions committee for students from out-of-state who were missing the third lab science if the students had 1150 or above on the SAT, a minimum core GPA of 3.0 and met the laboratory science requirement of the state in which they live.
  3. The College of Pharmacy submitted a request for a change in the transfer admission requirements from 2.25 to 2.75. The Faculty Senate approved this in the April meeting.
  4. R.J. Reynolds High School submitted two laboratory science course descriptions requesting the committee approve these for the laboratory science requirement. As neither had biology or chemistry as a pre-requisite, the committee voted against allowing these courses to be used.
  5. Ben Lippen submitted three courses descriptions requesting the committee approve these for the humanities elective requirement. One course "Religions and Cults" was approved for use and two courses, "Courtship, Marriage and Family" and "Old Testament Survey" were not approved.
  6. The committee considered the new South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale and its affect on the calculation of the weighted GPA. It will not be fully implemented until applicants for Fall 2004. The USC admissions office will add ½ extra quality point for honors, Pre-IB and dual enrollment courses, and will add one extra quality point for AP and IB courses, when calculating the weighted core GPA. The Governor's School for Science and Mathematics requested that their courses be considered equivalent to the IB and AP courses for the purposes of the weighted GPA. The committee approved awarding one extra quality point for GSSM honors courses instead of the ½ quality point.

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