The Faculty Advisory Committee proposed revisions to the Faculty Manual substantively modifying procedures for the reappointment and termination of untenured faculty, as well as separating and reorganizing materials on tenure and promotion. The revisions were approved by the faculty in May 2001 and subsequently by the Board of Trustees.

The Committee also produced a draft proposal for a Faculty Manual provision regarding the procedures for selection of faculty to be awarded endowed chair and professorships. Those proposals have been forwarded to the provost and president for comment and likely will be acted upon in Fall 2001. The Committee also sought a dialogue with the administration regarding the appropriate levels of continuing donor control after gifts have been made to the University.

The Committee received a proposal from the Intellectual Property Committee for revision of Faculty Manual materials on copyrights and patents. That proposal was held pending a more comprehensive revision of Faculty Manual provisions on that subject.

The Committee received a proposal from the Grievance Committee to remove salary grievances from the jurisdiction of that Committee. The Advisory Committee deferred approval of the change until an appropriate alternative mechanism can be developed to handle salary related grievances.

In addition to its continuing work on the Faculty Manual, the Committee consulted with the Provost as needed on the Spring 2001 budget concerns and reviewed relevant portions of the 2001 SACS Reaccreditation Self-Study Report.

Also, the Committee met with Lyles Glenn in Fall 2000 to discuss the University marketing strategy and the need for aggressive marketing of the University to top students and to the taxpayers of South Carolina.

The chair elected for the 2001-2002 academic year is Professor Daniel Feldman of the Darla Moore School of Business.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Wilcox
Chair, 2000-2001

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