Annual Report 2000-2001
Richard Conant, Chair

The Board of Governors is pleased to report that the club has ended a year of various challenges on solid footing.

During the fall an examination of the membership list revealed that it contained many names in error; purging and updating the list has corrected it, but the budget based on inaccurate numbers had to be replaced with a more realistic budget that projected a loss for the year. A dues increase last fall—the first since the 1970s—assisted in providing funding essential to maintaining operations, but an additional increase for 2001-02 will be necessary to bring the club's dues structure into a reasonable realm.

A burst water pipe on the third floor of the House caused extensive damage resulting in reduced operation and some loss of business in January. At this point most of the damage has been repaired.

In the spring a reciprocity agreement was reached with the University Club, allowing Faculty Club faculty and staff members to enjoy pool, exercise, and (with limited access) golf privileges there.

Second Sunday Buffet and other special events have been successful in increasing the Club's business. The Council of Deans held a meeting at the Club where they were given information on its offerings and encouraged to use it for both University and private functions.

Parking at lunchtime—a particular disincentive for non-University members—has been a recurring issue. An arrangement with the Army ROTC unit should solve this problem for next year.

Concentrated efforts throughout the year resulted in approximately 200 new members.

A line of credit was established with the Educational Foundation in April, but the year will end without the need for drawing on it. The budget for next year has little flexibility, but a dues increase and continued campaigns to increase membership, coupled with healthy use of the club by its members, should put it on more substantial footing for the coming year.

Rotating off the Board are Richard Conant and Carol Flake. Replacing them are Cathy Gustafson and Ken Peters. Carl Boger will fill the last year of the term of Cathy Pike, who has left the University. Officers for the coming year are Sally Boyd, Chair; James Bradley, Vice Chair; Cathy Gustafson, Secretary; and Rick Kelly, Treasurer. Other members are Charlie Jeffcoat, Ellen Moore, Dave Whitener, and Ben Franklin.

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