The 2000-01 academic year was a very active one for Budget. We began the year focusing on information technology and its impact on budgeting. Bill Hogue, the CIO, met with us and informed our discussions on this topic. During the Fall the Committee was informed and consulted concerning the temporary reallocation of responsibilities associated with the reassignment of John Finan. The Committee was informed and consulted by the Provost concerning the top-to-bottom review of University budget procedures that occurred during the Fall and Winter. In this respect, the Provost and Bob Bugbee, the interim Budget Director, attended almost all Budget Committee meetings. The Committee was kept up to date on all matters relating to the budgeting review, including being copied on the reports to the Trustees.

The tenor and focus of the Committee's activities changed in December with the announcement of the State budget cut. Thereafter the focus of the Committee was to deal with prospective budget cuts. The Committee was actively consulted by the Provost on strategy, including such measures as the nature of short-term cuts, the hiring freeze, and the concept of "mission critical" as a measure of relief from budget-cut strictures. Throughout the Spring the Committee was heavily engaged on the budget-cut issue in all its aspects, in continuous conversation with the Provost and the University's finance and budget offices.

During this period the Committee also participated, through search committee membership and in the interview process, in the search for a new Chief Financial Officer.

In the late Spring the Committee attended the Provost's Strategic Planning sessions with all colleges and other units of the University, as well as the President's budget hearings.

In early Summer the Committee participated, through its Chair-Elect Al Leitch, in the search for a new Budget Director.

The Committee was gratified by the regular attendance of the Provost at its meetings and the frequent attendance of other University officers, including the interim budget and finance officers. The Committee was left at the end of the year with a strong belief in the Provost's reliance on faculty input in the most significant of University financial decisionmaking, and his willingness to take the trouble to keep the Budget Committee right up to date on developments.

This Committee worked very hard this year and, as Chair, my thanks go out to all its members: Al Leitch, Caroline Eastman, Jerry Wallulis, Henry Price, Rob Wilcox, John Freeman, and Caroline Strobel.

Martin C. McWilliams, Jr., Chair 2000-2001

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