1. Maintain. repair and improve campus buildings to make them more attractive and healthful.
    In order to promote effective education, students, faculty, and staff require a safe, clean, and attractive physical environment. Cleaner, more attractive offices, classrooms, restrooms, residence halls, eating facilities, and meeting spaces are necessary for effective work and study. There should also be improved accessibility for the disabled and adequate parking for all.
  2. Improve graduate programs bv increasing graduate stipends significantly.
    In order to stimulate success in graduate programs, student stipends (especially those of teaching assistants) must be competitive. The funding must be sufficient to attract applicants to University graduate programs and offer them full support in the pursuit of their degrees.
  3. Maintain the undergraduate teaching mission of the university and extend its student base.
    Resources for undergraduate teaching must be sufficient both for the general education requirements and for the many particular trainings and specializations needed to educate our undergraduate students to succeed in a global economy. Moreover, this central mission, in order to be consistent with the State's efforts to improve K-12 education, needs to be extended to more and better qualified students.
  4. Raise faculty salaries and benefits to be competitive with peer institutions.
    To build nationally ranked programs across the University, nationally competitive salary and benefits are essential. In order to recruit and retain the most productive and effective faculty, the package of salary and benefits must be attractive. Faculty salaries and benefits should be competitive with those at peer institutions and institutions of a status to which the faculty and University aspire.
  5. Maintain the library offerings and improve other research resources for faculty and students.
    Both faculty and student research require the continued excellence of the library offerings. Faculty research excellence also demands improvements in reliable, up-to-date information technology, funding allotted to travel, and other research funding and incentives commensurate with the ambitions of AAU membership.
  6. Reduce the tension between work and life demands for USC faculty and staff.
    The University must pay special attention to new kinds of conflict between work and life demands. Equitable benefits, including the possibility of an effective employee health program, should be offered to all employees. In addition, the University should promote flexible scheduling for dual earner couples and provide quality child care and supervision for the young children of faculty and staff