Report of the Faculty Grievance Committee
Academic Year 2000-2001

During the Academic Year 2000-2001, seven grievances were filed. One grievance was not heard because the matter was not within the jurisdiction of the Committee. Hearings were conducted for the remaining grievances. The subject matter and disposition of these grievances were as follows:

(1) Nonreappointment. The Committee mediated the dispute and a mutually agreeable resolution was reached.

(2) Denial of Tenure and Promotion. In one of these grievances, the Committee determined that unit criteria had been properly applied. In the other grievance, the Committee determined that procedural flaws may have occurred, and remanded the matter to the department involved with a recommendation to the President that the faculty member's appointment be extended in order to provide sufficient time for the reconsideration. The President adopted the recommendation.

(3) Denial of Promotion. In one of these grievances, the committee determined the unit criteria had been properly applied. In the other, the matter was remanded to the department involved because of possible misapplication of unit criteria.

(4) Salary grievance. The Committee heard one salary grievance and determined that no case of improper decisionmaking had been demonstrated.

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