Committee Members:

Bruce Konkle Journalism (sabbatical Fall 2000) (2001)
William Ruefle Criminal Justice (2001)
Michael Welsh Education (2001)
James Hightower Medicine (2002)
Jamil Khan Engineering and Information Technology (2002)
Cheryl Wissick Education (on leave Fall 2000) (2002)
Samuel Baker Public Health (2003)
Kathy Evans Education (2003)
Joann Morton Criminal Justice (2003)

John K. Adams Music (retired during academic year) (2001)
Ann Coker Public Health (sabbatical Fall 2000) (2001)
Ann Swafford Retailing (2002)
Kathleen Kirasic Psychology (on sabbatical) (2002)
Georgia Cowart Music (2003)
Gail Wagner, Chair Anthropology (2003)
Steven Campbell (Graduate Student) GINT

Donald J. Greiner Office of the Provost
Steve Adams DEIS

Faculty Teaching Seminars

Georgia Cowart (chair), Samuel Baker, Ann Coker, and Cheryl Wissick served on this subcommittee. Topics and speakers were as follows [approximate attendance in brackets]:

September: Introduction to the Flashlight Project. 6 September 2000 [25]
Dan Barron, Library and Information Science and co-director SACS Reaccreditation,
and Jean Henscheid . Room 209, Davis College.

November: Case-Based Methods of Instruction. 10 November 2000 [20]
Terry Wolfer and Social Work Faculty Panel . Gressette Room.

February: Teaching Portfolios. 13 February 2001 [42]
Gail Wagner, anthropology, Chaden Djalali, physics and astronomy, Cynthia Colbert, art,
and Robert Johnson, educational psychology. Gressette Room.

March: Learning What Different Groups Consider to be Important in Teaching.
5 March 2001 [18]
John Spurrier, 2000 AMOCO Teaching Award Winner, statistics. Gressette Room.

April: Integrating Technology into Instruction. 5 April 2001 [9]
Cheryl Wissick, education, and Windy Schweder Nursing 409, Broadcast on SCETV.

Teaching Development Grants

Don Greiner (chair), Kathleen Kirasic, Michael Macan, William Ruefle, Ann Swafford, and Gail Wagner served on this subcommittee and reviewed 41 proposals. Thirteen grants totalling $13,300 were awarded in Fall 2000 semester, and eleven grants totalling $11,700 were awarded in Spring 2001.

Recipients of Fall 2000 grants were as follows:
Alexandra Evans, Health; Minuette Floyd, Art; Robert Froehlich, Neuropsychiatry; Keith Kenney, Journalism; Christina Lacey, Physics and Astronomy; Bruce A. McClenaghan, Exercise Science; James Mensch, Education; Alfred Nordmann, Philosophy; Christopher Preston, Philosophy; Richard Rose, Art; Virginia Scotchie, Art; Juliann Sivulka, Journalism; Larry D. Wyatt, Music.

Recipients of Spring 2001 grants were as follows:
Sarah A. Barker, Theater, Speech and Dance; Georgia Cowart, Music; John J. Duffy, Jr., French and Classics; Lisa Eichhorn, Law; Patricia Feehan, Library and Information Science; Deborah Fowler, HRSM; Julie Hubbert, Music; Michelle Maher, Louise Jennings, and Nate Carnes, Education; Jim Mensch, Education; Erica Tobolski, Theater, Speech and Dance; Scarlett Wesley, HRSM.

Michael J. Mungo Undergraduate Teaching Awards

Jamil Khan (chair), Steven Campbell (graduate student), Kathy Evans, Bruce Konkle, Joann Morton, Ann Swafford and Patrick Warren (undergraduate student, Honors College) received eight nominations from the College of Liberal Arts and from Science and Mathematics (up to three awards possible) and four nominations from other colleges (up to two awards possible). After interviewing seven finalists on February 26 and 28, awards were made to the following:

Bonnie Drewniany, Journalism
Milind Kunchur, Physics
Ronald Maris, Sociology
Catherine Murphy, Chemistry
Stephen R. McNeill, Mechanical Engineering.

Michael J. Mungo Graduate Teaching Awards

Gail Wagner (chair), James Hightower, Jamil Khan, Joann Morton, and Michael Welsh served on this subcommittee, which met to discuss possible criteria and award definitions. Progress was stymied when the subcommittee was unable to obtain copies of previous criteria established by this subcommittee in 1999-2000. Although the money was available for making awards this year, because of lack of progress by the subcommittee the award process was not yet begun.

Classroom Enhancement

Gail Wagner served with Steve Adams (DEIS) to work with Distance Education and Instructional Support on enhancement of classrooms. The rash of VCR thefts that took place in Fall 2000 appears to be ended with an arrest and a new method of attaching VCRs: stolen VCRs were replaced. Steve reported that two additional lecture halls were renovated and 112 smaller classrooms were equipped with data-compatible televisions and VCR units in the year 2000. New LCD projectors were purchased to replace the lower-quality three-lens systems in four of the lecture halls. During the Fall 2000 semester, 240 faculty taught 260 sections of classes to over 26,000 students in enhanced classrooms. Since 1993, a total of 24 lecture halls have been renovated and 172 smaller classrooms have been equipped. Funds for 2001 projects were sequestered following impending statewide budget cuts.

Teaching Center Proposal

The FCID began the process of building a web page for the Faculty Committee on Instructional Development by brainstorming what could be included and looking into the source of a server. Such a web page can be part of a virtual Teaching Center for the University of South Carolina.

Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

The committee took no action on this proposal. However, the committee plans to look into establishing a volunteer teaching mentoring network within the university system.

Liaison to Other University Committees and Task Forces

James Hightower represented FCID on the Assessment Advisory Committee. Cheryl Wissick represented FCID on the Telecommunications Advisory Committee. William Ruefle represented FCID on the Blackboard Advisory Committee. Gail Wagner represented FCID with the SACS Reaccreditation Committee. Liaisons reported on committee actions of interest to FCID.

This committee would like to recognize the able support of Rhonda Filiatreault of the Provost's Office. In addition, we appreciated the strengthened ties to Distance Education and Instructional Support through the good offices of Doris Stephens. Gail Wagner was elected to chair the committee for 2001-2002.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail E. Wagner, Chair

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