July 2000-June 2001 ANNUAL REPORT
Intellectual Property Committee

Committee Membership, 2000-2001

Elected members (final year of term):
Victor Giurgiutiu, Mechanical Engineering, IPC Chair (2001)
Tamir Datta, Physics and Astronomy (2002; IPC Chair-elect)
Stephen McNeill, Mechanical Engineering (2002)
Michael Myrick, Chemistry (2003)
Robert L. Oakman, Computer Science (2003; retires June 30, 2001)
Appointed members:
George Lampl, Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
Ardis Savory, Director, SPAR (retired Dec 2000)
Tommy Coggins, Interim Director, SPAR (Jan-Jun, 2001)
Anthony Boccanfuso, Director, SPAR (begins Jun 1, 2001)
Intellectual Property Management Office:
Richard F. Cox, Jr., Director
Debbie Whittemore, Administrative Assistant, IP Committee Recorder

Committee Activities
The Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) scheduled meetings monthly from July, 2000 through June, 2001, on the first Thursday of each month to discuss disclosures by faculty, students, and staff of the University of South Carolina, as well as other subjects related to the IPC activity.

Disclosures Processed. During the reported period, the IPC dealt with 34 disclosures from ten departments. The large number of disclosures submitted reflects the concerted effort by the IPC and the IPMO to encourage inventors to present disclosures at an early stage of concept inception. The IPC made recommendations to the Provost about the category of ownership and equity distribution of each disclosure as prescribed by the Faculty Manual. The Provost accepted the recommendation of the IPC in every case. There were no instances in which the recommendations of the IPC with regard to category of ownership or to equity distribution did not fully agree with the requests of the inventors.

Simplification of the Disclosure-Review Process. Given the rapid growth in the number of disclosures, it has become clear that a substantial amount of time was being devoted to personal interviews with inventors. These meetings are time consuming and difficult to coordinate for both committee members and inventors alike. Requiring interviews at monthly IPC meeting also delays disclosure processing which could be potentially harmful to the disclosure since early patent protection is important. To streamline the review process, personal interviews are no longer being required in many cases where University participation (Category 2 or 3) and standard equity (60% USC; 40% inventors) are not in question. To facilitate this determination during pre-screening of disclosures, a new pair of questions was added to the disclosure form asking inventors to identify what they believe to be the proper category and equity to their projects. Successful experiments with voting by email were also performed.

Revised Disclosure Form: In May 2001, the IPMO has issued a revised intellectual property disclosure form that has been circulated to the members of the IPC for comments. The revised form has been posted on the IPMO web site.

New Incentives Plan for Intellectual Property Disclosures: The IPMO has generated a new incentives plan for intellectual property disclosures. This new plan has been discussed in a meeting of the IPC. Subsequently, the IPMO Director (Dick Cox) and a member of the IPC (Michael Myrick) have been charged to present this plan to the Intellectual Property Policy Review Panel and then to Faculty Senate.

IPMO Web-site Enhancements. The IPMO web page has been developed to encourage early disclosures and to streamline the disclosure process. On-line information explains the purpose and procedures, contacts to faculty staff, links to relevant sites and materials including copies of the disclosure form. To reach this page, go to: http://www.sc.edu/ipmo

Collaboration between IPC and IPMO. During the reported period, excellent collaboration was observed between IPC and IPMO. The administrative support of Debbie Whittemore (IPMO staff) and collaboration and leadership of Dick Cox (IPMO Director) are duly acknowledged.

The Committee will continue to act as an advocate for all University employees while addressing intellectual property under the leadership of the next committee chair, Timir Datta.

Respectfully submitted,

Victor Giurgiutiu (jurjutzu), Chair

Intellectual Property Committee -- Annual Report to Faculty Senate (2000-2001)
List of Disclosures Reviewed Between July 2000 and June 2001

USC ID No. Faculty/Staff/Student Inventor Names Department of: Title of Invention
00261 Dr. Yuan Yan Chemistry Methods for Rapid Bio-Polymer Sequencing
00262 Dr. Brian Genge Chemistry Instabone or USCment: Synthesis of reactive calcium Phosphate nanoparticles and their use in making Biomimetic biomaterials for bone repair
00263 Dr. Jorge Seminario
Dr. Perla Balbuena
Chemical Engineering
Self-assembled nanobatteries
00264 Dr. Michael Matthews Chemical Engineering A Method for Cleaning and Sterilizing of
00265 Ms. Michele Drexler
Dr. Michael Amiridis
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Sampling Apparatus for Batch Reactor Liquid Sampling
00266 Dr. Gabor Szalai
Dr. Michael Felder
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences
Amplification and isolation of DNA flanking a previously cloned fragment
00267 Dr. Sandip Dutta Mechanical Engineering Active Spare Tire
00268 Dr. Asif Khan
Dr. Jinwei Yang
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Method of producing nitride-based heterostructure devices
00269 Dr. Asif Khan
Dr. Jinwei Yang
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Metal oxide semiconductor heterostructure field effect transistor
00270 Dr. Asif Khan
Dr. Jinwei Yang
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Light emitters on SiC substrates with vertically conducting buffers
00271 Dr. Carter Bays Computer Science Testat.com - An online classroom environment
00272 Dr. Carter Bays Computer Science A client based video approach to displaying
00273 Dr. Charles E. Matthews Epidemiology & Biostatistics System 24-hour physical activity recall data collection
00274 Dr. James A. Ritter
Mr. Chuck Holland
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Data acquisition and control software for a twin-bed pressure swing adsorption system
00275 Mr. Tony McLawhorn Science and Math LatinStems
00276 Dr. Laszlo Marton
Dr. Mihaly Czako
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences
Universal medium for sustained totipotent regenerable tissue culture of selected monocot genera
00277 Dr. Mihaly Czako
Dr. Laszlo Marton
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences
In vitro culture of tropical and subtropical legume trees, shrubs and vines
00278 Dr. Laszlo Marton
Dr. Mihaly Czako
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences
Sustained totipotent regenerable tissue culture of Arundo donax L. (giant reed)
00279 Dr. Michael Matthews Chemical Engineering Process and composition for selective oxidation of
00280 Dr. James A. Ritter
Mr. Chuck Holland
Chemical Engineering Onboard monitoring of an industrial fuel cel
00281 Dr. Michael Myrick Chemistry Nanoscale timing devices based on DNA
00282 Dr. YungPin Chen
Dr. Bert Ely
Dr. Charles Lovell
Biological Sciences An antibiotic and a haloperoxidase produced by an alcalgenes microorganism
00283 Dr. YungPin Chen Biological Sciences Novel plant dehaloperoxidases that can degrade Halogenated herbicides and other halogenated Organic compounds and are suitable for the...
00284 Dr. Victor Giurgiutiu Mechanical Engineering In-situ structural health monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics system utilizing smart active Sensors with embedded intelligence
00285 Mr. C. T. Beasley Environmental Health Sci HazVentCalc
00286 Dr. Walter Scrivens Chemistry & Biochemistry Adsorbents for hydrophobic analytes
00287 Dr. Branko Popov Chemical Engineering Development of a new electrodeposition process for Plating of Zn-Ni-SiOs and ...Ternary and Quaternary Alloys and Composite Alloys
00288 Dr. Perla Balbuena
Dr. Pedro Derosa
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Lattice-model for lithium intercalation in carbons
00289 Mr. Tony McLawhorn Science & Math Digital worksheets
00290 Mr. Jonathan Bohbot Biological Sciences Identification of a peptide with potential Antifungal activity
00291 Dr. T. Sudarshan Electrical Engineering Novel JFET structure for high power, high Frequency applications
00292 Dr. T. Sudarshan Electrical Engineering Novel Schottky diode structure with low on State resistance
00293 Dr. Webster West Statistics DoStat
00294 Dr. Thomas A. Davis Chemical Engineering Carbon monolith for hydrogen storage and Separation process

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