Committee on Libraries
2000-2001 Annual Report

The University Faculty Committee on Libraries in 2000-2001 was composed of:

Joan Donohue (School of Business)
W.E. Sharp (Geology)
Judith Alexander (Nursing)
Kimberly McCabe (Criminal Justice)
John Busowski (Medicine)
Xiaomin Deng (Engineering and Information Technology)

David Bowden, Chair (Continuing Education)
Benjamin Franklin (English)
Dennis Nolan (Law)
Kendrick Clements (History)
George Terry (Libraries and Instructional Services), ex-officio

The Library Committee met twice a semester to hear reports from various parts of the library system. These reports focused on the library's budget, the acquisition of web based resources, the addition of web based services, and library development activities.

During the spring semester, the committee spent most of its time examining various responses to the state's budget shortfall. The committee approved the library's strategy to implement a serials cancellation in order to balance the library's budget.

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