Report of Faculty Welfare Committee

Resolution: Urging administration to include sexual preference in non-discrimination policy.

The Welfare Committee was asked to consider the recent request by the Student Senate that this body support the Student Senate resolution that the anti-discrimination policy of the University be changed to include sexual orientation. Student representatives are planning to present this resolution to the Board of Trustees in December.

The Welfare Committee has discovered that the Faculty Senate in December of 1993 urged precisely this policy. Specifically, a resolution presented by the Faculty Welfare Committee was passed at that time by this body calling on the University to include sexual orientation in the University's anti-discrimination policy. The resolution included two pages of rationale, that is, of arguments defending this resolution, and these appear in the December 1993 minutes. The current Welfare Committee finds these arguments still compelling.

The Welfare Committee also discovered that in October of 1995, the President of the University indicated that he would not support the resolution, and he seemed to indicate that his decision had the support of the Board of Trustees. He articulated arguments defending his decision, and these are included in the October 1995 minutes. The current Welfare Committee do not find these arguments compelling.

The Welfare Committee accordingly recommends to the Senate that it reaffirm its desire to see the University policy on anti-discrimination include sexual orientation, and that this reaffirmation be communicated to the Board of Trustees in time for the December meeting.